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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone here tried to do this? Nothing wrong with completeness of course, but it can be an interesting experiment to condense such complex scores to a shorter presentation. With the LOTR trilogy, we obviously have the OSTs for this, but they don't quite utilize the potential 80 minute (or near) disc space to their fullest, and we may have disagreements with some of the programming choices in them. The OSTs, the CRs, the rarities CD, and rips from the fanclub credits are all acceptable sources here. So, if you've ever done this, let's see tracklists and
  2. While there are many to choose from across the three films, what do you think was the absolute worst? For me it's easy...the scene where the Laketown survivors turn into a mob and try to murder Alfrid and Bard has to stop them. It's not that I have any love for Alfrid, I despise the character, but having a mob of common folk try to murder one of their own is about the most un-Tolkien like thing I can think of. The scene just rubs me the wrong way every time I see it, and reminds me off how far from the source material they let these movies stray. There are lots of oth
  3. Hi Everyone, Not sure if anybody has seen this yet, but for those of you who live in the New England area, Howard Shore will be at the Newport Contemporary Music Series in Rhode Island for the us premiere of his piano concerto and six pieces, and looks like he's going to have a Q&A and sign autographs after the concert! Found the concert details here http://ncmsri.org/2017-season/
  4. Hi, I’ve been lurking for a few months, and thought I’d join and share my opinions. Disclaimer: I have been musically ignorant for most of my life, slowly improving in this last half a year, as I started reading the LotR/Hobbit posts here. And yes, BloodBoal, I did steal your template. But anyway, I hope I haven't made a complete fool of myself here, and that some of what I say makes sense. It’s less a review than a short commentary with opinions, but oh well. The Quest for Erebor. The logos music gets you right back into middle earth, and the Shire theme over the title is a nugget o
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