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James Fitzpatrick recording some JW in Prague

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James Fitzpatrick wrote on the Rozsa Society's forum:

Just got the Varese ROZSA Cenrenary celebration. So, while strolling through Prague on this sunny morning, I'd thought I'd listen to it before getting to the studio to record some music by a minor composer...someguy called John Williams. I'd thought that listening to this great music would inspire me...

I wonder what the heck Silva is recording? There's nothing NEW obviously, as they recorded the four 2005 scores a while ago.

It seems like they've recorded most of his big-name films at one point or another.....so I wonder what's left? Will we being see some fairly rare stuff here? (a la Rare Breed was when it was released.)

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If Tadlow is going to record it I bet it will sound much better than the Silva Discs.

Perhaps a complete recording of The Rare Breed or None But The Brave?

I don't think it's a tadlow recording, think he's recording themes/suites for Silva?

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*shrugs* AFAIK the next project for tadlow is LAWRENCE or EL CID.

Anyway, Silva can never have too much JW recorded, if they're replacing awful renditions from 93/94, or if they're recording new stuff they havent done before, thats cool. Im sure whatever they are recording is for their licensing purposes (thats hwere they make the big bucks supposedly), but it'll probably make disc eventually...

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