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John Williams and Hans Zimmer in London 5/5 2012?

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Does any of you know if this is like a tribute-thing or will Hans and John actually be there?


This is an annual concert of film music that the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra puts on at the Royal Albert Hall in London every year (it used to be called Filmharmonic but they go with Film Music Gala these days). Sometimes film composers are in attendance, but it tends to be the ones who don't have to travel too far such as Debbie Wiseman, David Arnold, et al. Here is the link from the RPO website:


Although a lot of people will tell you that John Williams will never come back to Europe, I don't believe the LSO has given up trying to persuade him, so do not give up hope yet!

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John Williams unfortunately does not seem to want travel to Europe anymore. But given his still busy concert schedule in the US it is no wonder a man closing on his 80th birthday would not want to take on the long travels across the Atlantic. But it is a bit unfortunate for us European fans.

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