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  1. They're not really more similar than the Holst quotes in Star Wars...or The Right Stuff...or Braveheart...or Rudy...or..........*zzzz*
  2. Excuse me for saying but you sir are a complete moron. He has every right to judge the score based on 30 second sample clips. I have done it myself with a lot of scores and if I don't like what I hear I don't buy it, plain and simple. Alot of people do this and yes I agree Mark. He has the right, but it's nevertheless stupid.
  3. Because I can and want to express my opinion. "Express your opinion" about scores you have not listened to? Judging scores by 30 seconds soundclips or only one listen is.....strange.
  4. When you haven't listened to Horner scores in the last few years, why do you comment Horner threads in a message board?
  5. At least someone agrees with me. I can't get into all the technical stuff, but all I'm saying is that whenever I hear Braveheart, and I've played this for many people who agree with me, all I hear is Jupiter. Ted I don't see why Horner should be critizised for sounding like Holst. John Williams ripped-off the whole Battle of Yavin track from Mars. You can also hear the football theme from Jerry Goldsmith's Rudy. And Bill Conti is also an expert in ripping off Holst.
  6. Horner is one of the very, very few composers who really know how to score a movie.
  7. Did you really think that JW doesn't have to deal with temp-tracks?
  8. But TLC also had some action music and I don't think that it sounds nearly as good as TOD. This is the first time I read that somebody actually likes the TLC recording.
  9. I agree with Mark. TLC sounds "thin", especially for a 1989 recording. TOD sounds much better.
  10. But A.I. sounds much better than Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
  11. Let's face it, Shawn Murphy on a bad day is still better than Dan Wallin on a bad day.
  12. Mission to Mars **** (Score *****) I seem to be one of the very few people who liked Mission to Mars, both film and score. :oops:
  13. A few months ago, the IMDb listed him for no less than five or six upcoming projects. So much for that... Marian - Some hopeful Poledouris fans submitting the information, I imagine. :cry: Basil Poledouris is indeed involved in this project: http://musicfromthemovies.com/article.asp?...1%2F2005&ID=577
  14. Maby he was brought in while Horner was working on Zorro. The release date of Flightplan was 2 months after the scoring sessions. So enough time to re-edit the whole film.
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