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  1. The piano is actually used throughout the score. I haven't seen the movie, but I'd probably say you should get the score if you like this side of Williams. Granted, there aren't any action cues or any pieces with much "quiet energy."
  2. Tonight, I watched The Omen for the first time and decided I wanted to watch something a little lighter. So I surfed around and found First Blood on Spike. Since I analyzed Jerry's work in The Omen, I continued in analysis mode with First Blood. At first, I used to like Rambo: First Blood Part II the best, but these days...First Blood is giving it a run for its money. FBII is cool because it's one of the best action scores out there. If you want 80s action, this is the score for it. It's got the Vietnam theme on a synth only found in the 80s, it's got the "Rambo synth" that sounds like the 80s, plus it's an epic piece of music. FB, on the other hand, is a lot deeper than just action. It gives more of a psycho-sonic profile of John J. Rambo and I think it's more experimental than any of the other scores. Less is more. But "Hanging On", "First Blood", and "Mountain Hunt" are some solid tracks. Rambo III is the least impressive score of the trilogy. While it directly recycles cues from FBII, it still has quite a bit of new music. My favorite track being "Night Fight." For the first part of it, there's just a nice energy to it that is pretty "Rambo." For the most part, I consider Rambo III to be full of "talking" cues--which for a Rambo score is about as out-of-place as dialogue. Plus the "Rambo synth" is barely used. Boo!
  3. My eyes hurt after watching that.
  4. Schindler's List Casablanca Lawrence of Arabia Citizen Kane The Omen Gladiator
  5. Why can't they just go with the obvious Batman vs. Joker? BVJ.
  6. Roy Rogers' song "Tumbling Tumbleweed" was featured in The Big Lebowski co-starring John Goodman, who was in Always, scored by JW. Next: Curly Howard
  7. Now quit avoiding the subject and link Stephen Chow with John Williams!
  8. Okay. I'll finish the Burgess "Penguin" Meredith one the right way. He was in Rocky with Sly, who was in First Blood with Brian "Presumed Innocent" Dennehy and Richard "John Goldfarb" Crenna.
  9. Julian Glover guest starred on "Doctor Who" the same time Tom Baker played the Fourth Doctor. Glover has been in three JW-scored movies: The Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Next: Stephen Chow.
  10. I figured new ones were coming out, since the old SEs were impossible to find. Dan--who'll make sure to complete the set this time, so it's a James Bond marathon everyday, as opposed to every weekend like on TV. And commercial-free!
  11. The original Varese release is just like the old school Varese block design.
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