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  1. I love Magnolia (although I only really listen to four tracks on the soundtrack). Punch-Drunk Love and Eternal Sunshine would probably come after that. Synecdoche, New York and I Heart Huckabees aren't bad either. It's a shame that a lot of his work has gone unreleased though, as he scored a Miranda July movie this past year that was apparently great and he's scored some shorts for Disney. I never saw Step Brothers, but just watching this featurette makes me wish it had a proper release
  2. The soundtrack is dropping tomorrow I believe but they're streaming the whole thing right here We need some more Brion discussion here. I feel he's sorely overlooked.
  3. I've been staying out of any TDKR threads until I saw the movie. Was there ever an official explanation about why Newton Howard didn't come back?
  4. Marc Webb has said that the lizard has a 4 note motif.
  5. I might get tickets to this if he doesn't do Chicago this year.
  6. I was at the event and while they had some great discussions (didn't know David was so into preserving sheet music), I agree with alicebrallice that they ended when things were getting interesting. I really wanted to hear Randy and David expand on why they think the industry's gotten worse.
  7. QMM


    Don't know how that happened since Giacchino recorded Carter in September and October of last year.
  8. It's way more of a fun adventure movie and not really as intense as 1 or 3.
  9. I got to hear Mood India and Mumbai's the Word being recorded and they're both pretty fantastic, definitely my favorite cues from the day I was there.
  10. Two clips are up The second clip was the last cue I heard. Some really great stuff in that sequence.
  11. There was an article recently on Roger Deakins using the Arri Alexa for In Time. One of the reasons he ended up using it was because it could pick up more detail in low light, moreso than film, and he didn't need to use as many lighting setups.
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