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  1. Hi, yeah the men with the good english is back 1. We have a new messageboard update. Switch to the latest version 4.5.4. See the changelog below. 2. Update the Wordpress CMS (mainpage) to the latests version, update all add-ons. 3. The update change the default template. Yeah don't like like the old layout, but I hope it's OK for now. And I must resize the default avatar size to 120px (old: 150px) 4. Roadmap: In the next few month we switch to a new server system. Newer os version, newer webserver, php, database ... And I hope then
  2. Hi, working on the mail system. Some bugs. Oh and I install a small messageboard update (yeah without warning, sorry!) Changelog: Additional Information Core Added support for PHP 7.4 Added support for [Emoji 12.0](https://emojipedia.org/emoji-12.0/) and [Emoji 12.1](https://emojipedia.org/emoji-12.1/) emojis Removed support for Gfycat embeds due to ongoing unaddressed security concerns on their end. Adjusted advertisement CSS classes to use a dynamic class name. Added a reset to the "upgrade in progress" flag when the u
  3. Sorry for the delay. And thanks Jay for your help! Andreas
  4. Hi, sorry for the mega delay. Messageboard update to the latest version: 4.4.8 Changelog: https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ And the base URL switch to secure connection (https/ssl) Hope this works. Next step: Switch the main website to https/ssl, take some time. Again, sorry for the delay. My life is "spezial" in the last month. Andreas
  5. Hi, sorry no warning. Messageboard update to version 4.4.4. Switch to https in the next few days, sorry for the delay. Please post any new bug in this topic! Andreas Mega-Changelog: IPS Community Suite 4.4.0 Released 02/21/2019 Key Changes Major New Features / Enhancements Post Before Registering Animated GIFs AdminCP Notification Center New Email Features: Email Statistics Email Advertisements Un
  6. Thanks @Jay, @Ricard ❤️ Andreas
  7. Key Changes This is a maintenance release to fix reported issues. Additional Information Core - Members & Accounts Added ability to use bulk mail subscription status as a filter for group promotions. Fixed profanity filters applying to account usernames during registration. Fixed following a member not updating the follow button correctly. Fixed filters when creating a bulk mail or downloading a member list not working in certain combinations. Fixed inability to manually set a member's reputation coun
  8. Hi I install a small Invisionboard messageboard update. Changelog: IPS Community Suite 4.3.5 Released 08/08/2018 Key Changes Version 4.3.5 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.3.4. Additional Information Core - Members & Accounts: Language tweak to clarify the "Remove unvalidated members" setting. Fixed filters based on joined, last post or last visit time, and if bulk mails are allowed in the AdminCP member list and member filters (for example f
  9. Hello, I must sell my greates treasure. Two original John Williams autograph. One package, I can not sale the second one, the autograph bleaches out. In 3-4 years the the signature are gone . But the first one is really good. I have no certificate for this autograph. 10-12 years ago I write a message to John Williams agency (The Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency) and recieve this two pictures/autograph. Sorry that I must sell this two items, broke my heart but I need this money for my live. It's to important for me! Basis for negotiation: 1400 Dolla
  10. I think I can unpin this topic in the next 24h. Thanks for your help! Andreas
  11. Oh and ladies and gentlemen back to topic! This is not an Apple or LOTR topic. Bug reporting, style changes... Andreas
  12. Are the loading speed OK? Sorry I use 200 Mbit, everythink is fast And did you see a major new bug? @Holko Mh "Newsletter signup"???? I don't see it!
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