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  1. They probably ran out of titles after the amount that came out already this year
  2. From MV over at FSM: This release will be amazing. Pity it never made the big release last year but at least we are getting it now. Can't wait!
  3. Cannot wait for this! Such a fantastic score. Interesting to see this was originally a Black Friday release. I wonder did the front cover original state '40th Anniversary Edition' before it got delayed.
  4. A couple more suggestions to check out: Peggy Sue Got Married - the deluxe edition is quite expensive now but there was a song/score album which has the main Barry themes on. Peggy Sue's Homecoming is definitely worth checking out. Chaplin - the opening sequence to this film and Barry's main theme fit so perfectly together. Howard the Duck - the score is no where near as lame as the movie and is quite a fun score. Has a Bond feel to it. The Dove - a really nice score that captures the essence of the film very well. Sail the Summer Wind is a nice song and also worth checking out.
  5. I believe a 5 box set is coming out later in the year with all 4 Indy films remastered in 4K and 5.1 audio to mark the 40th anniversary of Raiders. Perhaps the music has been newly remastered for this? Seems Paramount still have rights to the 4 films so must have the rights to the music.
  6. Here is a recreation of the Prisoner of Azkaban Japanese CD cover for anyone interested. Couldn't find a high res version of this online and find it much better than the standard faces cover. Only difference is I changed the 'Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture'. I've also created custom covers for other Harry Potter soundtracks Harry Potter Custom Covers
  7. Which menu on the Prisoner of Azkaban DVD can 1M4X Marge Points the Finger be heard?
  8. All fantastic scores and definitely worth a listen. A couple of other CD releases had some annoying dialogue between the music too, particularly Rykodisc releases, such as The Knack. Shame The Cotton Club has very little Barry score on the album. Mostly features jazz pieces instead that were arranged for the film. Walkabout and The Dove would be other scores I recommended not on the list above. The Dove is a great score. Often wondered why this was never included in the Moviola compilations. Otherwise it would be a comprehensive overview of Barry's film scores.
  9. Definitely Harry Potter. Still discovering the amazing contents of the set even now. The Jurassic Park set is great but is no where near as good as Potter. Truly magical.
  10. There are less than 100 copies of this in stock at Intrada. It's now in the danger zone and is limited to 1 per customer. http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.12205/.f?sc=16&category=66697
  11. Based on other rerecordings I have listened to for other film scores. Not that all rerecordings are bad but I don't think they are as good as when the composer originally recorded the score for a film. When I listen to the Gerhardt albums, I'll make a judgement whether I prefer the original recording or the rerecording.
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