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  1. I liked Shindler's List alot, both in J Dubbs and Perlman's versions. -Monk
  2. Why is everyone for the eagles? banghead GO PATRIOTS! -Monk
  3. I thought The Terminal score was exeptional, however, I am glad that Azkaban was nominated instead. -Monk
  4. You guys have a LOT of time on your hands to notice all of this. I mean, I love his music but I guess I'm just young. -Monk
  5. I enjoyed his score for The Pink Panther and was wondering if anyone else did or was familiar with his music. -Monk
  6. I definitely vote no, no one can replace J dubbs, but someone else great can come along!
  7. Thats a disappointment, I thought she was great. What happened?? -Monk P.S. I'm new here
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