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  1. It's up now on 7digital Canada too. https://ca.7digital.com/artist/john-williams/release/obi-wan-from-obi-wan-kenobi-21807886
  2. Interview conducted in 2005 posted online just today http://www.gramophone.co.uk/feature/john-williams-interview-its-not-hard-work-that-makes-success-its-sustained-hard-work-that
  3. Some of my earliest fondest musical memories are of his music, have been etched in my being ever since and still continue to be a big part of my life. requiescat in pace
  4. SW: Most iconic of the lot; relaxed, a bit stately & soft in playing- very Korngold / Golden Age vibe. ESB: Upfront, more "martial" & "militaristic", in your face aggressive; cut from Superman: The Movie sonic cloth. ROTJ: Refined and elegant, quite classical sounding- got some of that nice slight ambience also found on the Raiders OST. Prequels: Like a weird amalgam combo of the playing on ESB with the classical centric recording of ROTJ- not really a highlight, more an afterthought. Anyway, ESB's slightly edges out ROTJ's as far personal preference. Though not necessarily best, SW's Main TItle is definitive (or whichever resulted from the edited takes put together back in '77).
  5. Oooh... Variation on a theme, but perhaps my fave, "most beautiful" rendition of said theme http://www.youtube.c...B0T1VE#t=00m59s ^^ and reminds me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIcgqHvGmH0#t=03m16s
  6. $40!!! That's sorta pretty steep. Anything of musical interest? Was JW at least well represented? (an aside- there were a couple of Indy themed concerts that coincided with last year's expo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JqJhefgLPk Anyway, perhaps there'll be some SW related performances this year (prolly be a whole lot cheaper for myself to attend potential future SW concerts here than paying a pretty penny for something I've only the slightest interest in). Maybe these guys will get to perform (their playing seems pretty tight; wouldn't at all mind seeing hearing them live).
  7. Saw a billboard advert for it a weekend (or two) back. Would care to go maybe if applicable for free admission on Museums Day (though the Indy expo wasn't free during last year's...).
  8. Oh no need for the sorry. Anyway, Happy John Williams Birthday 80th Edition Celebration Day!
  9. Referring to moi? Reckon current avatar has been in use in this here parts since about ~'08-'09... And didnt think peeps would mistake a headlamp from a 2002 model year Subaru with that of an Aston.
  10. Wishing a happy, joyful and glorious 80th birthday to Maestro Williams- may you be blessed! Grateful thanks to you and your ever-inspiring work- may it all continue to ring true!
  11. Thought the set well worth the 20 bucks; was willing enough to spend that amount (prior to getting the coupon of course). Also picked up a whole bunch of RCA Living Stereo SACDs there last April (they have a two for $15 deal on new CDs)- pretty sweet!
  12. Whoa. I bought this still-factory-sealed-brand-new-in-box set for $5 CDN! (there was in-store promotion- regular price $19.99 CDN but with the coupon can be had for five bones; this was back in March) Still haven't opened it yet. Store in question: http://www.cinemaisonroyale.com/our-store/ I've also seen this set in a Multimags though that was awhile back.
  13. Japan only re-release of The Spielberg Williams Collaboration with three additional tracks (presumably from the follow-up Williams on Williams recording...) http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/product/detail/4192850 Dunno on the mastering / remastering front. A curio I guess.
  14. Just woke up... Wowza! So ordered! (Not too familiar with the score and haven't yet checked out the clips on the site. Have a copy of the Varèse re-recording and listened to it like once; and have only seen snippets of the film broadcast on tv. But I reckon Men of the Yorktown March happens to be my very fave march of his and this is JW prior to his ascent to greater things in '77 and beyond: a no-brainer really. Back to sleep got me a long drive to MA...)
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