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  1. Thanks so much! I'm going to keep at it too. Looking forward to the next album for sure.
  2. Has anyone figured out the chronological order of the Loki soundtrack? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Jason! That will make any potential CR for this movie a little more manageable perhaps. And since I don't post much, thank you for all the wonderful analyses you do on these and other films.
  4. You look like a horse dude!!!! It was a very confusing day at the hospital all those years ago, let me tell you. For once I wasn't the only one with a long face. Anyway, thanks for all your input!
  5. Sorry if I'm not up to date on everything, but have we determined if there are as many differences between the film and album versions for DoS as there were for AUJ?
  6. And where might fine gentlemen such as ourselves find these leaked recording sessions? Would love to make up for what was left off the DE (for the record, I'm grateful we got the music we did in the first place).
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