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  1. Is it possible in this environment? All time. Better than everything. Is it possible to write a score challenging for this title? PS: „Everybody likes different things“ argument is bullshit and doesn’t count. People not into Star Wars still acknowledge the mastery of the music. Discuss. Yell at each other. Fight. Let there be blood.
  2. The prequels are a bunch of ugly f'ing dungpiles, but George Lucas achieved what he wanted as a young guy, and that's more than I can say about 98% of humanity.
  3. Amazing that movie companies ruin all film franchises these days. And now even a franchise that doesn't exist. (No, LotR and Hobbit aren't franchises, they are simply book adaptions).
  4. Classic JWFan. New JW score is announced. "I wonder if he will return to the glory days of yesteryear" "He won't" "hE mAY dO It sTiLl" JW proceeds to not return to the glory days of yesteryear.
  5. You're on a different planet if you think Disney won't shove their agendas into this like they did with Star Wars. We live in a time of intentional redefinition of culture.
  6. How about I'm not vaccinated because I'm not an ignorant dumbass, and it doesn't matter which one?
  7. gkgyver

    Pet Peeves

    No, we can’t have that. The very foundations of morale, order and justice rely on the orderly posting habits of JayWFan. I‘m sorry for being able to string thoughts together.
  8. gkgyver

    Pet Peeves

    Are you incapable of moderating your world in all 24 hours of your day, or only when you try it with JWFan? Name *one* reason why this website needs a fake moderator. Because for all intents and purposes, you create far more annoyance and useless bickering by your policing than you ever - ever - solved. @The Big Man asked a question in this thread, and you decided, for no reason, as a Moderator, to post an arrogant pissy answer. Nobody needs you as virtue police. People are perfectly capable of talking among themselves, without getting pinched in the
  9. Instead of focussing on what you think a relationship should be like, or what kind of woman you want, I think it's more fruitful to look at what your miserable wife actually is and what she's trying to accomplish.
  10. Are they taking the piss at this point, making everything about superheroes colorless, preferably just black?
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