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  1. The Walking Dead is brilliant for what it is. It's about the individual storylines that keep hooking you. But it can get tiresome. I haven't watched beyond season 6.
  2. Does it really need to be spelled out that Rey being a Skywalker is metaphorical? Is that an indication of how stupid they think their audience is? Of course it's metaphorical. That's not the objection the audience has to it. The objection is that it's fucking ludicrous.
  3. It's completely absurd. It's like saying after every Bond movie, we need a sequel to find out what happens with Bond and the girl he gets in the end. Or that we need a Jaws spinoff. "Bond and Domino got together, we need to find out!!!" Fuck
  4. @Mattris I will not quote whatever essay you tried to write there ("An Essay about Delusions in Contemporary Film History" probably). Your personal predictions mean fuck all for an objective necessity to do an additional trilogy. There is none. They are self contained movies with self contained stories, not based on any source material, therefore, the fact that there are some cash grabbing irrelevant comic and novel spinoffs means squat. Maybe you aren't familiar with the box office numbers, interest in these plastic, artificially bred Star Wars bastardizations is going under like a bag of shite. You still pretending they set out to achieve any big picture things in this trilogy, instead of it being a clusterfuck of scattered ideas, and falling for the Disney propaganda hook line and sinker, is high comedy. The only thing it halfway wanted to achieve, is close the original trilogy, which didn't need closing in the first place.
  5. It's about fucking time they release their in house catalogue of previous console games for Switch, not just Mario.
  6. Yes, it's called picking up the pieces.
  7. I can't fathom how people exist who watched this failed trilogy, especially its ugly finale, and still are hell bent on willing another one of those into existence. The light side DID WIN. It was asinine in concept, pathetically written, clumsily executed, and agenda driven, but it DID WIN. Vader is DEAD, Palpatine is DEAD, Yoda is DEAD, Han is DEAD, Leia is DEAD, Luke is DEAD, Ben Solo is DEAD. The saga is beyond DONE. Just because you COULD invent some "never before heard" Sith to pretend like they weren't destroyed and to pretend you NEED another trilogy, doesn't mean you HAVE to. Let it go.
  8. The subtle power play between Bond and Largo in Thunderball is fascinating. Such a good film.
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