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  1. Can characters in sequels please stay dead?
  2. I'm all the Jedi is something a toddler would say out of spite to his friends, who wouldn't let him be Luke in their Star Wars cosplaying.
  3. I can't fathom the sentiment of half a dozen people working on a score, but only one of them being given proper credit. What a shitty thing to defend.
  4. Go woke to provoke and end up broke. Like Kathleen Kennedy.
  5. I'm re-translating from German. "Silly" is even worse. And Poe is right. While they were risking their lives, Rey was meditating and running over logs. Why exactly? She can already levitate, heal people, bring them back from the dead, mind control them, and beat the Supreme Leader Kylo Ren.
  6. Rey saying to Poe, after he survived the opening mission, "you're a difficult man". Because it made me realize from the start what kind of movie I'd be in for.
  7. 99% of the public doesn't give a fuck if someone credits cues to other composers on hanszimmer.com. CD says "Music by Hans Zimmer", movie credit says "Music by Hans Zimmer". That's it. Zimmer deliberately takes the spotlight, knowing this fully well. 99.5% of people don't care what a small niche of weirdos on the internet says. Put "Music by Remote Control Pictures" or "Music by Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Pictures" on the cover. "Music by Hans Zimmer" is simply a lie, no matter how you spin it.
  8. I remember listening to this score 12, 14 years ago or so. Was there never a soundtrack release? Because I know I did listen to a soundtrack presentation.
  9. Maybe the names of the dozen ghost writers that write the score for Hans as we speak? How about announcing them? That'd be a change of pace.
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