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  1. Found this list that gives every major and minor scale attributes and emotions: https://ledgernote.com/blog/interesting/musical-key-characteristics-emotions/ Do you think this is valid? I have a hard time that any major scale would give a sense of "rage, wild and harsh".
  2. Seriously, stop believing that. "If we do this this this and this everything is back to normal". There won't be a normal, there will be a new normal you'll only get under certain conditions. Movie theaters will die.
  3. Rosenman's music is fitting for an episode of Our Little Farm, not Star Trek.
  4. There are film composers who are hit and miss, and there are film composers whose work you hear once, and conclude that there's so little substance that it will never amount to anything.
  5. Yes please. TV needs some quality again badly.
  6. Nobody connected to that in the first place. It was big because everybody checked it out based on the hype, then saw it once or twice more to make sure they weren't mistaken and it really was that bad.
  7. You picked that as most memorable of the decade? BloodBoal would be ashamed of you.
  8. I don't care how talented you are, 28 minutes is too long for one piece of music.
  9. bruce marshall acts like BloodBoals psychotic brother.
  10. Full Frontal is gonna win, it's just about terrible enough.
  11. It's his opportunity for retaliating and getting some praise, after his last DC ventures sucked ass. It has zero to do with "artistic" passion.
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