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  1. That's too bad because the whole world associates it with Celine Dion, and never gave a shit about who actually wrote the theme. DON'T CALL IT TUNE! I HATE WHEN ZIMMER REFERS TO THEMES AS TUNES
  2. This trilogy would have benefitted greatly if all male characters weren't emasculated constantly, clearly.
  3. Yeah, that's the first thing they should be concerned about, after the barrage of turds they let loose on the Star Wars universe the past 5 years.
  4. Sometimes I ask myself if people realize the ones who are constantly reducing actors and films down to ethnicity, color and sex, and evaluate them based on that, are the actual racists and sexists. People demanding a black Bond because of his blackness are out of this world blind.
  5. I'm talking about the special editions. Those are the regular soundtracks. Funny thing is, the ESB special edition album is still in my library, but all tracks except those from the old soundtrack aren't selectable. Pieces like Wampa's Lair, Arrival On Dagobah etc, aren't selectable.
  6. There are playlists that are totally out of order, but nothing under standalone albums.
  7. No. I'm more interested to know why the Episode IV to VI soundtracks aren't on Spotify anymore.
  8. Scepticism, by definition, includes the open mind to be convinced otherwise. This doesn't apply here. This is bullshit.
  9. I have to agree, this sounds absolutely blah. Like extended commercial music ripping off Elfman but failing to capture it.
  10. Can characters in sequels please stay dead?
  11. I'm all the Jedi is something a toddler would say out of spite to his friends, who wouldn't let him be Luke in their Star Wars cosplaying.
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