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  1. That's sheer and utter bullshit. Most people fail in life because they set the goals for themselves too high to start with, and then set themselves up for frustration because they always see what they don't have, instead of what they could have. If people focused on making the most out of their situation at any given time, they'd have the feeling of success, and the motivation to move further. But the truth is that people are being trained to receive instant satisfaction, and collapse at the prospect of having to work really hard for a goal, and dealing with failure. If your goal is for example to be great with attracting women, and getting your perfect wife, you need to go out constantly, talk, socialize, get rejected a few hundred times, learn social skills, how to talk etc. But it's just easier to download an app and swipe right. Bam, I'm awesome! Society in 2021 and real life don't match.
  2. He probably sent in his rejected demos from No Time To Die, and nobody noticed.
  3. And yet, when a film score sucks, it's never the composer's fault because movies are "a collaborative effort".
  4. But it doesn't sound like the music has sync points.
  5. Dark Phoenix is okay if you don't consider it, well ... music.
  6. Why does his nose look like Inspector Clouseau's melting fake nose in The Pink Panther Strikes Again?
  7. Isn't Henry Jackman the guy who wrote the one bad X-Men score?
  8. A true film score fan will play a score at home, turn it off with disgust after 5 minutes, be depressed about the state of the industry for another 5 minutes, then go on JWFan to write "it's decent, it works in the film, might have to give it another listen to get it", and be mad at someone who says he doesn't like it.
  9. Obviously The Black Gate Opens. The key to the brilliant accessibility of these scores is: always scoring the story, never the action. That's where all new scores fail. Always staying superficial, never making the effort to go deep.
  10. He may not be convinced the composer can do his music justice. And neither would I, if I looked at Nicholas Hooper.
  11. Sounds like Williams doesn't want any other composer to use his themes with similar/same orchestration in sequel scores without him, Williams, being involved or approving it. This may also explain Jurassic Park 3, where he collaborated with Don Davis, and every subsequent Harry Potter score not using Williams themes much except for a token appearance or two. And Indiana Jones V. Anyway, admirable, JW at his age preserving his legacy. May be a good indication that JW is aware of modern film music and doesn't want that dreck near him.
  12. If JW was perturbed having not been asked to do Rogue One, I'm positive he was hired for Indy 5 to not have a Rogue One situation again. And JW allegedly almost quitting Episode IX because JJ was coming back brings warmth to my heart. No wonder that one turned out so anonymously.
  13. Was probably the last project of this gravity the industry will ever see.
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