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  1. @Jay How about sanctioning the post I replied to, which was deliberately offensive, as opposed to mine, which wasn't? Run a bath, but not a public forum! Get someone who runs this place that isn't a half-witted, humor-challenged, marriage-neutered, biased oaf. Thank you, fuck you, bye
  2. Deliberate substance will win over hot-headed style. Always. Peace.
  3. I don't give a fuck. All movies I want I have, the rest is forgettable.
  4. God bless if you can talk yourself into believing a 2008 Hans Zimmer score is different from a 2020 Hans Zimmer score.
  5. The flood of superhero movies makes them mush together into irrelevant white noise.
  6. It's awful when they turn opera arias into pop songs and call it classical. I almost drowned in reverb when I listened to a Paul Potts album.
  7. You ready for your real Nanobot injections for this fake pandemic? We'll get news of a mutated virus shoved down the throat just in time for vaccination, to a. justify not lifting lockdowns despite vaccination, b. explaining the surging deaths caused by vaccination due to ADE, and c. introduce annual mandatory vaccination. All while dangling the carrot in front of people's noses that this virus will magically dissappear. This fact alone exposes the ill intentions and misleading liars, to suggest a free virus will dissappear, which will never, ever happen. This m
  8. Feel free to post a piece. I suggest „Pathetique for JPEG and Viola“.
  9. He's one of those guys the pleb proudly refers to when you say you listen to classical music, and they reply "Yes, me too".
  10. I decided to post this is the funny videos thread because look at his wild hair:
  11. Nah. Arnold included electronics everywhere where there was no zoom zoom editing. Laser Fight, Hovercraft Chase, for example, and Gustav Graves Gravitational Grand Entrance didn't have such editing either. Plus, Arnold gave an interview around the time the film came out, and said how tiring it was to write like that, because you're essentially writing one piece multiple times. He wouldn't have done that, if he truly believed he'd be better without.
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