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  1. :cry2: Why Joe? Why do you always take the best ones? banghead -ROSS, long live Malfoy!
  2. I stand by what I said all those months ago (scroll up to read) -ROSS, off to bed
  3. Okay, since it's New Year, I thought, hell, let's have a thread with dozens of posts all of them saying the same Happy New Year stuff. It's only once a year! Let me begin with: H yipee :yellow: :wiggle: yipee I'll post my New Year resolutions later. But you're welcome to do it now! -ROSS
  4. As much as I dislike LOTR, I have to admit that's not true. In college everybody was humming the Fellowship Theme the day before the movie opened. And by everybody I mean most musically illeterate folks who did know they what they where humming. And that theme gets played in a lot of ringtones. I have to admit the Ring Theme and the Fellowship Theme are excellent. The rest of the score just
  5. Umm, let's see, in the Tones Menu you're supposed to get the following sub-menus: 1. Ringing Tone 2. Ringing Volume 3. Incoming Call Alert 4. COMPOSER 5. Message Alter Tone 6. Keypad Tones 7. Warning Tones 8. Vibrating Alert 9. Screensaver It would shock me if you didn't because your cellphone is more advanced than mine, at least according to their number (mine's 3330 and yours 3360) -ROSS
  6. Huh. That's weird. I know I can compose on my Nokia 3330. Are you sure you've checked the "Tones" menu thoroughly? -ROSS, who knows cellphone technology in the US is years behind Europe.
  7. If you give me your cellphone number, Steffy, I might be able to send you that ringtone. That is if you've got a Nokia, of course! -ROSS, who has cool ringtones: Imperial March, Futurama Theme, Coca-Cola Jingle and CE3K Motif.
  8. Well, he is not the only one to ask. But I see your point. So yes, maybe the word "wish" would be more appropiate than "ask". I do wish Stefancos removed that signature. But he won't. He's just enjoying the attention and the polemics. -ROSS, who thinks Stefancos is cool for the board.
  9. That's . . . . . . . . . . . . .something to worry about. Ross-
  10. And who made you the person in charge of who can and who can not give an opinion on this site? I agree with diskobolus. Plus, John Williams is 70. It's gross!!
  11. That's really nice of you Ren! Well, the hotel thing wasn't one of those "disastrous things that just turn right because it's Christmas". It was actually very depressing all throughout (sp? :? ). Except at one point, when I sneaked into my 7-to-11 year-old cousins' hotel room and secretly displayed all their presents. When they came back from breakfast -- oh boy -- you should have seen the look on their face Aaaaahh, it feels good to be Santa Claus. -ROSS, who bought presents for most everyone , at the cost of all his savings and who wonders about the part in Italics in BigKenLittle's signature By the way, I should change mine, it's out of date now!
  12. Excellent all of them, Mark. Except "International Man of Mystery" which commited the crime of not including Nancy Sinatra's song "These Boots were Made for Walking". As for me, I got Yo-Yo Ma Plays the Music of John Wililams. Oh, and among other things, a cellphone and one of those hats with thingies to put soda cans to drink from! Seriously!! -ROSS, glad this Christmas is over.
  13. You need to be Stefancos to state that. -ROSS, who reluctantly saw the movie and was greatly surprised, especially by the Ents.
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