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  1. Marco Beltrami - Max Payne (2008) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov, leaked rec sessions 1M1 Sinna’ Max 1M2 Bathroom Cleaner 1M3 Subway Death 1M4 The Blue Max 1M5 Nasty Natasha Goes Nite-Nite 1M6 Bitch Bilked My Billfold 2M1 Loopy Lupino Likes to Look 2M2A Prelude to Perusing Pinkerton 2M2B Perusing Pics for Proof 2M3A Sad Sax Hates Max 2M3B Message Makes Max Migrate 2M4 You Say Aesir, I Say Yes Sir 2M5 No Respects For You 2M6 Office Max 2M7 Drop It Shithead 2M8 Usually I Have to Pay For This 2M9 Owen’s Crystal Meth Palace 3M1 Tattoo You 3M2 Firearms and a Side of Foreshadowing 3M3 Hurt Locker 3M4 Back to the Maxi Pad 3M5 Moore Paynecakes 3M6 Robin in the Rain 4M1 Robin Quivers 4M2 Russian Rushin' to Help 4M4 Lupino Spreads His Wings 4M5 Dethlab 4M6 Goons Gets Maxed Out 4M7 Lupino vs. Payne 4M8 BB’s Maxim 4M9 Max Escapes 5M1 Max Headshroom 5M2 A Big Max Attack 5M3 The Max Factor 5M4 Mad Max 5M5 Heaven to the Max 6M1 End Credit #2 6M2 End Credit #3 6M3 Max and Mona in Bar, Steve’s Song.
  2. This Score Analysis is really wonderful! I am trying to watch the film and go step by step with the score analysis. I have a question: Just after they come back from the zoo and the Uncle says 'There is no such thing as magic' we have a scene where Petunia takes pictures of Dudley asking him to 'Smile' In my humble opinion, this scene till when Harry goes to pick the post, is not part of 1M3 and I doubt exists in any track. Is it possible to double check? Thanks in advance, Dennis
  3. Hi! This is an excellent thread! Anyone can help me with Eagle Eye, Miami Vice and Life Before Her Eyes? I would appreciate the chronological order of these scores Miami Vice is not an easy task I think but Life Before Her Eyes gives me lots of trouble!! Thanks in advance Dennis
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