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  1. That no one has voted for The Patriot, I guess. :roll:
  2. I'm not sure for which to vote, but I'm pretty sure I will not be voting for The Patriot
  3. That Rick McCullum thinks he's so smart. :evil:
  4. LOL I never read that! I was thinking, "what should the title of this topic be?" And said, "ah, what the hell, 'Count Chocula'"
  5. You don't like Yahoo? Hector - who uses Yahoo a lot.
  6. Am I one of the few who laughs evertime I think of Count Cooku? Or like someone at MovieMusic called him, Count Dookie LOL Hector - :biggrinflip: LOL
  7. Williams' score is not the best, but is superior than a lot of stuff out there. But what doesn't help is the crappy movie.
  8. Hehe That would have made a great scene!!!! :twisted:
  9. If Lucas has done that than his an... um, better not say. Hector - who also sits through the end credits unless the idiots from the local theater don't play them (many times they just shut the projector)
  10. That is weird, compose music for something you have not seen.
  11. Hey, guys! I need just a couple of titles by John Williams that are a little hard to find, but might be hard to find. And some of the recent releases of concert music that also I've not been able to find. You know like this titles: *Gustav Holst: The Planets John Williams - The Boston Pops Orchestra *Pops Brittania John Williams - The Boston Pops Orchestra *Pops a la Russe John Williams - The Boston Pops Orchestra *Salute to Hollywood John Williams - The Boston Pops Orchestra *Bernstein by Boston John Williams - The Boston Pops Orchestra
  12. Yeah... that's too bad. He's always saying how music is the driving force for the story and he treats it like a sport-montage-for-TV.
  13. I just found about this. I have the two version but have not seen the difference. I'll be doing that when I get home.
  14. What?!?! The hell there is! Han Solo and the Princess is in a concert version format, only Williams has not recorded it.
  15. Oh, I've seen it. But somehow managed not to see that scene :cry:
  16. I've heard of this episode a long, looong time, and have never seen it
  17. Then how come Anakin's spirit appears at the end of Jedi. He's body was incinerated too.
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