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  1. Darn it. I was hoping. I'm about 10 rows from the front. Would have been very cool.
  2. This is an old post and I have heard he has changed his signing habits. As in not a good signer anymore :(. Missed my chance. He is finally doing a concert in Seattle and I am one of the lucky few to have gotten tickets early. A one day only performance with the Seattle symphony. I want his autograph really badly to frame on my wall. Any chance he will sign if I wait outside real early? I wrote him a letter saying I'd gladly pay for 10 second to get his autograph back in March, but haven't heard anything back. Thanks, Greg
  3. You must be subscribed to the Seattle symphony. But I don't know if he is likely to sign autographs.
  4. Hi, I posted last year of wanting to get John Williams' autograph so much to hang on my wall. I was even willing to travel to get him. Well, I'm so excited that he is finally coming where I live (Seattle)! I was able to get tickets which is awesome! Pretty close too. Row 11. I've never been to Benaroya hall before (I've seen it passing by many times). But I'm wondering what the odds are that he would sign one autograph for me? I'm not sure where they go in or out at Benaroya, but I'll try to find out. That would be amazing! Thanks!
  5. Yes, I know. I was joking back with you. No worries. haha
  6. Richard, how would I write to his agent? Nick that is awesome! So he signed for you at the Boston pops?
  7. Thanks Jay and Jackson, so I basically have no chance at the Hollywood bowl huh? That sucks. Any places he will be doing that you recommend? There is a few videos on Facebook of people getting him earlier this year. Thanks to you also Azanid. I will try writing to them.
  8. Hi, I'm new here so please forgive me if I do anything stupid. My name is Greg as you can see and I really love John Williams music. I would very much love to get his autograph. I'm far from rich, but it means enough to me that I would fly somewhere to get it. I live in Seattle. I'm thinking of flying to L.A. as I see he is doing some concerts at the Hollywood bowl. Does anyone know what my odds are of getting him to sign if I wait hours before the show? Or is there a better place? Thank you so much for your help it means a lot. Greg
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