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  1. Fantastic news!! I have a feeling it will go smoothly, without any problems. Of course, I'm also going to these concerts, maybe not three, but maybe two, like in Vienna. Or at least one if there is a problem with the tickets. In addition, it will be filmed - Berlin Philharmonic has a great video recording system - which probably means that we will receive another wonderful Blu-ray release next year.
  2. Exactly. Disney company is not the producer of this movie, only a distributor. But it's possible that they will find a way to somehow connect the Lucasfilm logo with the first scene.
  3. Popular opinion (I think): John Williams is the best choice for both films
  4. I feel the opposite, I like the scherzo very much from start to finish, it sounds very fresh and energetic, and has a lot of Williams trademarks in it.
  5. This is a fantastic document from the Abbey Road recording session. Interviews and and music. Ennio re-recorded the themes of "The Hateful Eight" with the idea of a vinyl release. Importantly, there are all here in full, in 5.1 quality. There's even a "Regan's Theme" from "The Exorcist II", used in "Hateful Eight". The picture quality, even though it's a DVD, is pretty good too. Highly recommended.
  6. That was amazing. I didn't plan to watch it today, I have some pretty urgent work to do, but when I started, I watched it all. Lots of fantastic stories about Williams and Goldsmith, two of my favorite composers. Thank you.
  7. I really doubt it. He doesn't seem like a conspiracy theorist or modern flat Earth follower to me. But I wouldn't like to start such a discussion here. Personally, I believe Williams will make a few more films and one of them will be released this year.
  8. Ok, that might seem like a slightly off topic question, but does anyone know if Williams has got a COVID-19 vaccine yet? I have no idea what it looks like in the US, but generally in most countries, the oldest ones get the vaccine first. And this could have a colossal impact on Williams' willingness to take on new challenges, such as writing and, above all, recording music for a potential film. Or boarding a plane to conduct in Berlin in October
  9. It hasn't sold out completely yet because La La brings it back in small batches at large intervals. Unless I am mistaken, first there were 2,500 copies, then three times 500 copies - and these smaller batches always sold in a few days. 1000 more copies will probably be sold in the future.
  10. Nobody says it's the last batch. Of course it'll come back, but no one knows when.
  11. If someone hasn't bought it yet and doesn't want to wait for the next batch, I would advise to hurry up. There are 49 copies left on the La La Land website, or at least this is what the system shows.
  12. I spent the most on a limited golden LP. I got the Blu ray for free for professional purposes (review), the CD was inexpensive, and the 2CD ... Well, I want to have a complete program also on CD, especially since I attended both concerts in person last January at Musikverein. So it was a special event for me, the most important in my entire life when it comes to music. When I buy this edition, in a way I will say again: "Thank you Maestro". Normally I tend to avoid collecting different versions of the same or similar thing.
  13. There is no normal (pressed) CD with this score. There is a CD-R (burned CD) that will probably cease to function in 5 or 10 years. But it's possible that they will release a deluxe 2CD (pressed) that combines the soundtrack and the sketches that are now released. That would be the most logical edition. 150 minutes of music.
  14. This is the best soundtrack of 2020 for me, but I hold back on buying it, the CD-R version (anyway, I never buy a CD-R). As far as I know, due to someone who knows Zimmer and asked him about it, "proper CD" will be out this year. I hope it'll indeed be so.
  15. I have Blu-Ray, Gold LP, CD and of course I will also buy the Live Edition 2CD too
  16. Ordered. This was the last gap in my JW collection (Okay, I'm still waiting for JAWS to come back)
  17. Well, it's 100 % Williams for sure, but if I had to choose something from his work that reminds me of Goldsmith, it would be this one.
  18. John Williams - at the concert (twice, Vienna) James Newton Howard - at the concert (Warsaw)/ interview (Prague) Hans Zimmer - at the concert (Lodz)/ press meeting/interview (London) Ennio Morricone - at the concert (three times in Krakow), I also had a telephone interview with him Joe Hisaishi - at the concert (Krakow) / the next day a short meeting Alexandre Desplat - at the concert (Krakow)/ the next day a short meeting, and a telephone interview a few weeks earlier Howard Shore - at the concert he wasn't conducting (Krakow) plus a few other meetings over the years, including two interviews and a fan meeting I hosted Jan A.P. Kaczmarek - a few meetings plus an interview (Warsaw) Brian Tyler - at the concert (London, Krakow - as a quest) plus a short meeting and lecture Shigeru Umebayashi - I remember having a drink with him at an afterparty in Krakow Craig Armstrong - A short meeting after a gala devoted to him in Krakow Dirk Brossé - at the concert (London) Diego Navarro - we sat side by side on the bus that was taking the Krakow Film Music Festival guests from the concert to the afterparty and had a nice conversation from my point of view. I also had a telephone interview with him once Tan Dun - I remember a brief meeting with him in Krakow Goran Bregovic - interview (Warsaw) That's all I remember at the moment. If the question was about rock, pop or film stars, the list would be a hundred times longer
  19. Live concert with this music from Katowice (Poland) on the internet now.
  20. There was also numbered golden vinyl, limited to 1000 units.
  21. The single CD and Blu-ray performances are the same - just listen to the few seconds of Star Wars Main Title between 0.19 and 0.26 discussed here very often. But it'll still be nice to have this Live Edition on CD as well. Such a large number of editions proves that it's a bestseller.
  22. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I really appreciate the Joker, I like Ad Astra very much and I love TROS at the same time. In terms of composition, maturity, fantasy, orchestration, richness in melody and overall musical class, Williams music is the most outstanding among the five nominees.
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