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  1. Only two cues were unused. I'm not very friendly with spreadsheets, but I will see what I can do
  2. Erich Kunzel re-rec. from 1997 credits Silvestri. Was it supposed for De Palma movie? Or is it even true that this is his arrangement? Because you can check some tracks from leaked unused Silvestri score. I can actually see it coming from him, because it sounds very much like Silvestri's signature sound. Even if it's not, by far best rendition I've ever heard. Update: it's him. There is shorter version on bootleg and it repeats orchestration of this version.
  3. I have no idea why there is no feedback. And it's a shame that previous post surpassed this when it's just another holy war.
  4. Those 2018 remixes are really a mixed bag. Some edit points are horrible, The Asteroid Field sounds like a mess, but I'm still like it for multiple reasons, very dope choir and orchestra separation in DOTF, percussion in ROTS, ANH sounds very powerful, even ROTJ when original album used actual film mixes, but still. Clones are good too. I'm think that all concert versions better than originals.
  5. Oh, Great J! (Men In Black 2 reference intended). Ban him for forever, please. I have no idea why he spent 10 years there.
  6. Thread have no purpose now because I've already done what was intended. You can check it. btw.
  7. This is my 12 language. It's hard to be polyglot.
  8. And there is no gift for your hearing.
  9. Don't have one. Send it for me. I prefer Hot Toys.
  10. Prequels was re-introduced for people because of memes and how much Disney trilogy sucked. In Russia, I'm from this country, people always loved it, because that was trilogy people grew up with, since it was shown in cinemas on initial release, and our voice dub fixed all horrible acting.
  11. You've started it first, dumbass.
  12. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMER! And you deaf, by the way. Like really. Just listen to the cue from Anthology and then from 2CD. This is for ROTJ.
  13. He is just an old boomer that way too conservative to try prequel scores. Or he is just a hater of prequels overall. Pathetic and childish. Expanded ROTS is a fire, by the way. Dark, suspensful, epic, feelingful. Surely most underrated after AOTC.
  14. Prequel scores can beat the shit out from very big amount of scores. Because how they are intense in orchestrations and e.t.c. You really a fool. Check Chase through the Coruscant and shut the fuck up, boomer, this is the best action cue ever.
  15. Why it's so many years gone and I'm still in need to stick to the fan works if I want to listen to the prequel scores, for example? Is it so hard for Disney and Lucasfilm to release proper versions of Indy's soundtracks and SW? No. So where they are? Same goes to the unaltered versions of the Original Trilogy.
  16. You know nothing about me and I'm a SW music fanatic, first of all. And get lost, btw. Toxic piece of crap.
  17. No, YOU just don't get it, darling. Nobody cares about some obscure unreleased scores of which 2.5 people heard of. That's why they are unreleased.
  18. Star Wars is the biggest JW work, his masterpiece. And we still waiting for ultimate releases of the whole Skywalker Saga. So what about other soundtracks? SW owns them all, even LOTR, because how complex it is. You know other 9 movies with over 20 hours of music composed by genius himself?
  19. Empire suffers from horrible Brian Risner remixes of some cues, ROTJ horribly EQ'd to death. ANH is cool btw. For the best Empire experience you need to check Imperial Audiophile Edition by ABC, which uses multiple sources to beef up sound as possible as it can be done. Sounds absolutely magnificent. What about ROTJ, stick to Anthology or try to find Trent's/Vosk edit, my compilation, using multiple sources is avaliable in place where you can get it, you know what I'm talking about. Here is excerpt from Malone Digital's Recording SW Saga article: The 2CD Special Edition remixes of The Empire Strikes Back score were made in 1996 by Brian Risner from the 24-track backup tapes. The remixes are identifiable by their distortion-free yet dry, bunched and uninvolving sound with “City in the Clouds”, the “Main Title” and “Hyperspace” examples of the one-dimensional balance. For “City in the Clouds” the brasses are centred, the horns placed to the right and most of the strings, including doublebasses, positioned in the centre. For “Hyperspace” the distinctive, propulsive nature of the strings is almost lost as most are located centrally rather than traversing the stereo field. The celeste at the introduction of “Yoda and The Force” is almost inaudible. In comparison, “The Imperial Probe / Aboard the Executor” and “Mynock Cave” offer Eric Tomlinson at the top of his game with enveloping and impeccably balanced sound.
  20. I prefer OT way with minimum of changes.
  21. Approaching the Death Star (Shortened) Vader Contacts Luke (cut until playful C3PO and R2D2 music, shortened) The Iron Door (Ommited completely) To Jabba's Throne (Same thing) The Droids are Captured (Ending notes cut) Bounty for a Wookiee (Beginning tracked from Father and Son, shortened) Han Solo Returns (Short section when Han says "Who are you?" is unreleased, uses insert with Han and Leia theme statement which can be found in the Land of the Ewoks on RCA '97 SE 2CD and Jabba's theme statement from Luke Confronts Jabba which is repeated twice and separated by part of original track, uses parts of Into the Death Star on '93 Arista Soundtrack Anthology and ending of the Fight in the Dungeon for transition into the next scene) Luke Confronts Jabba (Part tracked from Final Duel on '93 Arista Soundtrack Anthology, Shortened) Fight in the Dungeon (Edited using track itself, segues into Sarlacc Sentence) Sarlacc Sentence (Shortened) The Pit of Carkoon (Shortened, Jabba theme cut completely) The Return of the Jedi (Edited using track itself, Jabba theme statement removed) The Emperor Arrives (Uses two inserts which can be found in the beginning of the Lightsaber on RCA 2CD and it is edited, uses the ending of The Emperor Confronts Luke on '93 Arista Soundtrack Anthology to replace Imperial March statement in the end) The Death of Yoda (Beginning with the Force theme replaced with tracked music from ESB track Luke's Nocturnal Visitor, Shortened) Obi-Wan Revelation (Dropped until Leia theme statement) Alliance Assembly (Unchanged) Shuttle Tydirium Approaches Endor (Ommits woodwinds and synth) Speeder Bike Chase (Shortened) Land of the Ewoks (Shortened, edited using track itself, Emperor theme inserted) The Levitation (Shortened) Threepio's Bedtime Story (Shortened, most likely only ending dropped, hard to tell exact changes, buried in the sound mix, this is 1993 Laserdisc audio btw.) Brother and Sister (Shortened, Luke and Leia concert piece part inserted) Father and Son (Shortened, Vader theme in the ending cut, so Luke's, uses timpani hit for transition into the next scene) The Fleet Enters Hyperspace (Unchanged) Heroic Ewok (Unchanged) The Emperor Confronts Luke (Unchanged, segues into Into the Trap) Into the Trap (Shortened, edited using track itself) Forest Ambush (Unchanged) First Ewok Battle/Fight with the Fighters (Shortened, timpani hit for transition into The Lightsaber) The Lightsaber (Unchanged) The Ewok Battle (Shortened, First Ewok Battle/Fight with the Fighters part used for transition) Leia is Wounded/Luke and Vader Duel (Intro dropped, first cue last notes removed, timpani hit for transition into second cue) Overtaking the Bunker (Unchanged) Final Duel/Into the Death Star (Unchanged) The Emperor's Death (Unchanged, segues into Superstructure Chase) Superstructure Chase (Unchanged, segues into next cue) Darth Vader's Death (Unchanged) Through the Flames (Beginning replaced with tracked music from ESB track Losing a Hand) Leia's News/Funeral Pyre for A Jedi (Unchanged, film version of the second one avaliable on Soundtrack Anthology, also featured on the 2CD SE) Ewok Celebration/End Titles (Film version of the first cue remains unreleased, Anthology one is not true film version)
  22. Since my first thread was ignored in July, here is another one. I've asked about list of inserts like we have for all three Indy movies, but it seems I need to make it by myself. I don't think that ANH have inserts, ESB only ommited music, to my knowledge. So, I will check all ROTJ music against picture and will do list of all inserts, but I need your help for start. Just write what you remember, like Father and Son insert in Bounty for a Wookiee and e.t.c.
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