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  1. Hey folks. This question's probably been asked a million times, but... What is the most comprehensive interview or article or series of articles or essay or (god willing) portion of a book in which Williams discusses his creation of the original SW scores and his musical influences and his themes and any backstage stories about the scoring process? I have the 1997 Special Edition albums, and their linear notes are great, but all this talk of the new SW films and who will score has me going back to the original scores again and wanting more of this sort of literature. Any helpful thoughts or s
  2. Here's a cumulative rundown of the tracks revealed so far: DISC 1 Track 1: Main Title Track 2: SCULLY TO DC/SCULLY MEETS MULDER 1:21 (Pilot - 1X01) Track 16: FISH FOOD 3:15 (Little Green Men - 2X01) Track 20: THE RETURN 1:59 (One Breath – 2X08) DISC 2 Track 4: GRAVES 2:55 (731 - 3X09) Track 12 -- A PLACE IN HISTORY 6:04 (Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man - 4X07) DISC 3 Track 4: MOTHER GENES 3:53 (Christmas Carol - 5X05) Track 5: LITTLE BOX OF SAND 7:37 (Emily - 5X06) Track 7: QUEEN OF SWATH 8:50 (Triangle - 6X03) Track 15: PIANO ON THE TACK 1:28 (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas - 6X06) Track 2
  3. BenQ MP512ST 800 x 600 DLP Short-Throw Projector PS3 PS3 surround sound bar (debuted late last year. When my girlfriend goes to bed: Tritton AX Pro Dolby Digital Precision Gaming Headset I like having a projector, because as as someone who doesn't own a TV, and who cherishes the big screen experience, it makes watching movies an experience, like others have mentioned. And only being able to watch films on a projector means I don't watch TV which - no judgement here against anyone else - is a good thing for me. Projectors and PS3s are an ideal combination for another reason: you can take any
  4. What's everyone's favourite track, upon initial listen? It's a hard choice, but I'll go with "Karma Has No Price," with "Coffin Calamity" a close second.
  5. I've listened to all the clips at Barnes and Noble again, and I am positive that Disc 2 (not counting the two bonus tracks) ends at the close of "The Last Recruit," meaning that whatever final release comes out, it will include coverage of not only "Across the Sea," "What They Died For," and "The End," but also "The Candidate." Here's why: Tracks 21 and 22 are trekking music during "The Last Recruit," when the group splits up. The track "Kool-Air Claire," for instance, plays when Sawyer and Kate swim fully clothed to Elizabeth and the action then cuts to Jack and Hurley sneaking away from Lock
  6. So the final track (not counting the two bonus tracks), "Reunion and Reneging," is the music playing at the end of "The Last Recruit," when Sun and Jin are reunited on the beach, right?
  7. I'm incredibly happy with what we're getting. When you put it into perspective, we are the most spoiled niche audience in the world. I mean honestly, not a lot of other shows have generated one soundtrack per season like Lost has. I'm betting it's thanks to Lost that we are now seeing other programs (like True Blood) get season-specific releases. The fact that we're even talking about a two-disc score release for the sixth season of a network television program is amazing in itself. Bask in it.
  8. Personnally, I'll wait. I've still never bought a LOST soundtrack, because I though the first two seasons soundtracks didn't have enough interesting cues to be worth it (although I love Credit Where Credit Is Due, Life & Death and some others. But it was only with season 3 that I really got interested in LOST music, and since at the end of season 3, we knew that LOST will only continue for three more seasons, I thought I'd wait a big LOST : 'Jacob Loves You' box to be released. So, I'm hoping the wait will be rewarded ! That's very...patient...of you. I don't think any of us share your f
  9. http://www.varesesarabande.com/details.asp?pid=vsd-302-067-040-2 Track List: DISC ONE: 1. A Sunken Feeling (1:34) 2. Heavy Metal Crew (1:01) 3. Doing Jacob’s Work (1:58) 4. Smokey And The Bandits (4:55) 5. LAX (4:08) 6. Temple And Spring (1:53) 7. Locke At It This Way (1:37) 8. Richard The Floored (1:55) 9. Coffin Calamity (3:46) 10. Lie Thou There (2:30) 11. Trouble Is My First Name (1:51) 12. Death Springs Eternal (6:23) 13. The Rockets’ Red Glare (3:34) 14. Temple And Taxi (3:37) 15. My Orca (:40) 16. Helen Of Joy (2:00) 17. Jacob’s Ladders (3:26) 18. The Substitute (4:45) 19. Peculiar Pare
  10. Not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but the LA times has posted video clips of Giacchino rehearsing the orchestra for tonight's performance. Pure awesomeness: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2010/05/lost-exclusive-video-composer-michael-giacchino-rehearses-with-his-orchestra-for-lost-live.html
  11. Incanus! Thanks for figuring that cue out. On the day of the I-tunes release, I actually went track by track, listening to the track and then listening to it in the episode itself. For almost all the cues, I knew where to look, with the exeception of this one. I was so convinced it was played in the sequence with Ben under the temple wall, and when it wasn't, I gave up in anger! So thanks for confirming that. I can rest easy now.
  12. I'm fairly sure "Locke's Excellent Adventure" is from "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", when Locke turns the donkey wheel then wakes up Tunisia and is picked up by Widmore's men. This I-tunes release couldn't have come at a better time - had the day off from work today, and was not expecting this. What a lovely surprise! As for the album itself, it's awesome. In terms of new themes, we've got Sawyer and Juliet's love theme, Miles' theme, the sub motif, Faraday and Charlotte's love theme, Jacob's theme, the destiny theme from "The Incident," a sort of Dharma theme during "Dharma delinquen
  13. Good thing I didn't actually place an order, though that's disappointing. I'll see if I can order a new copy of the RCA Empire release from Amazon or something. Thanks guys.
  14. Hi all. Seeking advice from those more knowledgeable than me. I have owned the RCA double-disc releases of the original trilogy that were released in tandem with the films during the theatrical "Special Edition" re-release - probably my most played discs. Despite being careful, I've somehow managed to scratch one of the discs, which promped me to think about the more recent SONY release. I'm wondering, is there significantly improved audio quality between the RCA release and the SONY release? Not that it will persuade me to but the SONY set - I'm already pretty much certain I will - but it wo
  15. For what it's worth, here are my guesses for the season 5 soundtrack: 1. Making Up For Lost Time (3:23) The opening of "Because You Left," when Faraday travels to the pit of the Orchid. 2. The Swinging Bendulum (5:43) Very good bet this is the score to the final moments of "The Lie," when Ben visits Eloise and we get that first rendition of "Eloise's Theme" (very happy to know that will be on the album) Starts with a nice rendition of Hurley's serious theme, heard on the season two soundtrack title "Mess it All Up." 3. Locke’s Excellent Adventure (4:01) Probably from "Jughead", but not sure w
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