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  1. Hmmmm...when I saw the pictures made of you and the other FSMers at the Goldsmith concert you reminded me of Constable Odo. Stefancos- who considers that a compliment.
  2. You got it right, except that the Dauville Film Festival is not 'some obscure French event with little fanfare', but the most important non-US festival exclusively devoted to American Film. True to his nature and his nationality, Joe is completely unaware of everything happening outside US borders. Please don't ever change Joe, thanks to people like you i can feel like i'm more then i am. Stefancos-
  3. Marian got his opy from me, when we traded you nevber said anything about others not being allowed to pass on this boot. I gave it to Marian as a gift since he has so helpfull in ordering The Fury for several people in my country. I'm sure i'll pass the boot along to a few other friends of mine. Some for free, some for trade. I NEVER sell bootlegs fot any kind of profit what so ever, nor do I send them to people i suspect will do so. but like Ricard i'm sure some will take advantage of your kindness to make money by selling it to some poor SOB who doesnt know about this place. Stefancos-
  4. I'm sorry, you listened to it ONCE??? Stefancos- who never bases his final opinion on the first listen. :roll:
  5. I went to a small Dutch island called Terschelling and spend 3 days in a wonderfull 4 star hotel eating steak and salmon. Stefancos- wondering were the hell his emoticon has gone?
  6. Incidentally, James Horner never re-listens to his past scores either. Stefancos-
  7. Well, according to Takis, the film and CD reveal about 120 minutes of new music (so not counting the TPM music or trackeked and looped music in the film) That leaves just about 5 minutes, which might be for an alternate track, or music from a deleted scene. I agree with Ricard that we have heard atleast 90 % of the music Williams composed. Stefancos- who incidentally thinks TOD is much better then AOTC.
  8. I agree with you about the crappy edits etc...etc..., but you stated that the reason we cannot honestly compare AOTC with the other SW scores cause we did not hear the full score. I disagree with you cause even if we don't have the complete score, we still have enough to form a valid opinion. Before the great expanded re-releases of the 90's people having been comparing uncomplete soundtracks with each other for a long time. Stefancos- who doubts a complete AOTC will be released anytime soon.
  9. Between what we hear in the film and on CD i think we can get a pretty good idea about this score. Remember, it's still very possible that the Clones/Droids battle was never scored. Other cues were edited or replaced with TPM music, but most of those are present on the OST. Stefancos-
  10. Because the rhythm is almost identical. Stefancos- dissapointed with that score.
  11. It's thematicly and rhytmicly unintersting, overbearing and bombastic. It could have been written by just about any composer, for any film. Suuuuuuure... :roll: Stefancos- wondering what all the fuss about Boba-Fett's Theme is?
  12. I'm guessing is much to slow compared to the film tempo? Stefancos- wondering why Herrmann conducts his own work soooooo slow.
  13. Indeed, this track is uncharacteristicly bad, considering Williams is usually pretty good in scoring these kind of action set pieces. Harsh, ugly music, it is. Stefancos- who has spoken.
  14. What suite is that? What CD, what recording? Stefancos- who knows the Main Title suite does not include the 007 theme.
  15. Thought this was a fun experiment, anyone wanna join in? On a scale of 1 to 10: 1. Star Wars Main Title and Ambush on Coruscant----5,0 2. Love Theme from Attack of the Clones (Across the Stars)----8,0 3. Zam the Assassin and the Chase Through Coruscant----9,0 4. Yoda and the Younglings----6,0 5. Departing Coruscant----6,0 6. Anakin and Padme----7,0 7. Jango's Escape----4,0 8. The Meadow Picnic---6,0 9. Bounty Hunter's Pursuit----4,0 10. Return to Tatooine----6,0 11. The Tusken Camp and the Homestead----7,0 12. Love Pledge and the Arena----8,0 13. Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale----9,0 14. On The Conveyor Belt----9,0 Average rating: 6,3 Stefancos- who does have to much time on his hands.
  16. I actually thought there was hope for you, untill i saw the "j/k" emoticon. Stefancos-
  17. Well, if you people can't find anything else to nag about.... Stefancos- who's indifferent about the picture.
  18. Is that the best you could come up with? Stefancos- who thinks Justin is still a kid, and his jokes show it.
  19. Alan, you should really lay off with your cynical comments, there is a time and place for everything. Stefancos-
  20. The 007 Theme appeared in the following Bond films. -From Russia With Love -Thunderball (in a wonderfull "calypso" style arrangement) -You Only Live Twice -Diamonds Are Forever -Moonraker Dammit, don't you even know that HE was the one that wrote the James Bond Theme, not Monty Norman? Stefancos- who will probably be sued by Norman for this statement.
  21. YOU BETTER BE!!! Just kidding, i figured your old adress was no longer valid, and didn't wanna risk sending such a rare article to the wrong person. Were the hell is Zwijndrecht???? :wow: No problem. Did you have time to transfer the money yet? Hmmmm....i've been seeing a girl from Thailand for the last few months, and i'm in that stage to were the nature of the relationship isn't 100% sure yet. So I know the kind of hope, doubt and fear that you are probably going through. Hope it goes well, for us both. Sniff....were's the Kleenex? Hmmmm....first have to find out were the hell Zwijndrecht is. Stefancos- who will probably not get married anytime soon, if ever, and will certainly not invite a bunch of people from all over the world whom he has never met.
  22. No, you are confusing the 007 Theme with the James Bond Theme. The 007 Theme is a piece of music written by Barry for From Russia With Love, and used is several others Bond films after that, Moonraker being the last one. In Moonraker it underscores the speedboat chase in the amazon jungle. Stefancos- who will leave it up to Neil to list the other films featuring the 007 Theme.
  23. And David Niven, Woody Allen, Terence Cooper and Barry Nelson. Stefancos-
  24. Ep III should end with a rip-roaring rendition of Vaders theme. Stefancos- who is sure Lucas/Ben Burt changed the end title music just to spike us.
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