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  1. Okay, here goes: BEST PICTURE The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Frost/Nixon Milk The Reader Slumdog Millionaire We can nix THE READER and FROST/NIXON. BUTTON wouldn't be bad, but it won't beat SLUMDOG or MILK. SLUMDOG has been getting more and more buzz lately, but somehow, I just don't think the Academy will award it here. It'll get almost everything else, but I think MILK has this one in the bag. SHOULD WIN: Slumdog Millionaire WILL WIN: Milk BEST DIRECTOR Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire David Fincher, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Ron Howard, Frost/Nixon Stephen Daldry, The Reader
  2. As far as the best in terms of volume and quality: The LOTR Extended Editions The ALIEN Quadrilogy Panic Room 3-Disc Fight Club The Ultimate Bond Volumes There are also some films that are terrific special editions that have the just the right amount of features, without going overboard or being bare bones. The WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? 2-Disc Vista Series is one of my all-time favorite DVDs with just the right amount of extras, great menus, and an overall solid presentation.
  3. Wow, leave for a few days and the thread skyrockets! Has anyone else noticed that the opening of the "unreleased" part of "Indy's Very First Adventure" is still different from the film?
  4. Jeff confirms that the TOD End Credits on Disc 2 are identical to the album and that the "Return to the Village/Riaders March" does end on that odd note before the credits roll. Guess we'll still be missing that 0:25.
  5. Someone at FSM said this and I don't think it's been brought up here yet - Do you guys think that maybe the single release of RAIDERS was postponed BECAUSE the folks behind the set realized that "The Basket Game" and "Desert Chase" were edited, and are now going back to fix them in time for the box set? Yeah, it's a stretch, but it's no more ridiculous than all of the other unreleased material from the DCC album being present except for what was expanded. In short: Until we have official track times for the set and more news, all of this is speculation, nothing more.
  6. So judging by those track times, it appears that "The Poisoning" and "The Mummy Cave" are included!! Does this mean that the only unreleased Raiders music now is the Cairo source music?
  7. Is this a combination of "Escape in the Truck" and "Blasphemy/The Road to Berlin"?
  8. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up...but I think it's very possible we'll get 95% complete scores. After cutting down my iTunes lists of all the released material from my Indy tracklists, I've come up with the following: --25-26 minutes left of TOD unreleased. --26-27 minutes left of Last Crusade unreleased. This, of course, excludes alternates and source cues. Assuming that the interviews take up no more than 15 minutes (as speculated), we could also maybe get the concert arrangement of the Raiders March and maybe some other bits of Raiders (like Discovery of the Ark, if it's not on Disc 1
  9. If we are talking strictly about acting ability: Jessica Alba Keanu Reeves Jake Lloyd Halle Berry Denise Richards Regina King Dane Cook Paul Walker Lindsay Lohan Kate Bosworth David Hasselhoff Steven Segal Tara Reid Matthew Lillard Kristanna Loken I'm sure I know more, but I can't think of any.
  10. It's not one of Williams best sequel scores, but it's still great music and the release is about as excellent as all expanded Williams releases come these days. Chronological order, terrific presentation, great sound quality, etc. etc. Hell, the complete Arrival in New York is worth it alone!
  11. I'm in agreement with Neil on this one. Josh, you're right. Petty emails won't do the trick. However - respectable, friendly, and mature emails just might. You never know. Anyone who sent emails similar to what's been shown in this thread should be congratulated - you not only embarrassed yourself, but probably have given these people a poor indication of what we (the fans) are like.
  12. I can. It's a great movie. Batman Begins beats all of these films by a longshot. There's almost no comparison.
  13. TOD: Over The Himalayas Underground Heroics Water and Cliff Confrontation LC: The Portuguese Coast The Floor's On Fire! The Wrong Chalice/Papa Jones is Healed
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