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  1. wow! that's a lot of great music teacher stories. I definitely think that without great teachers, we may never find out who we are and what we like. It doesn't have to be MUSIC teachers, but teachers in general. Students spend at least 8 hours a day with them, they are bound to have some major influence! I had a bunch of music teachers. None of which were ASTOUNDING, they just really loved music and let me have a go and what ever instrument, song, etc that I wanted. I had a graduating class of 14 and our school band was 12. So needless to say, I got to play what ever instrument I wanted. I liked all sorts of music then, and I still do now. I distinctly remember playing jurrasic park in high school and i LOVED it!!!!!! (bari sax that day)
  2. They are all very good! My fav is number 3
  3. popcorn, and nachos are my favorite movie munchies
  4. That's the way to be safe! Way to go!
  5. I hope you didn't drink TOO much wine!
  6. i won't go there! (just for "uslessness" sake!)
  7. Well, my vote went to indiana jones. . . p. s. Harry! Your Posts! OMG!
  8. Well GN to everyone. . . I must shape child's minds tomorrow Ren~who loves her hello kitty pajamas!
  9. i have a book on him Ren-~eating a Bertie Bot Every Flavor Bean HOPEING it's not vomit!
  10. lol I'd NEVER be a Femenazi!!!! Ren~who truly believes in traditional values like men opening doors for women!
  11. dan- i'm just following you around and posting after you!!!! hilarious!
  12. lol!!! i noticed that the first time i looked for a JW fan site!
  13. Ren

    Best 00 score

    exactly! standing O for Harry!
  14. Ren

    Best 00 score

    oooohhhhhh :oops:
  15. isn't this funny how long this topic has lasted. . . and not even on the subject really!
  16. *cue up lovey-dovey elevator music*
  17. sad, sometimes i feel like i miss stuff, hate being new at things!
  18. you just had to be better didntcha?
  19. Hector - what's with the WOMEN comment? by the way, where are all the WOMEN!
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