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  1. LOVE AGATHA CHRISTIE. Especially abc murders. And dumb witness and and then there were none and orient express and.....,
  2. There was so much action in the beginning of the book. They tamed that down?
  3. I need to read 63. But as for under the dome, I love every king book. Hadn't read one in years. Decided to get that one. Read it very quickly and was sooooooo disappointed in the ending. I mean maybe I just really don't like certain genres disguised. Or maybe it was something else. But I felt it was a cop out. I left thinking. That's it? No conspiracy? That's all he's got? Bahhhh!
  4. Well maybe the miniseries will be better than the damn book. What a let down lol
  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll see what I can do tonight. I'm in the mood to veg out
  6. I need a movie recommendation. Not big action, drama or girlie. Just a good plot, maybe scary. Not into gore right now or I may puke
  7. Yup. Vampire Diaries is definitely meh. But I guess I'll still watch it. Lol
  8. Alice wasn't saying it was the same as the old superman. She was saying it's the same old plot. Aliens. Mass destruction. It's iD4 all over again. And I agree
  9. Thanks Alice. I feel the same way. Same old movie. Blah blah
  10. My next avatar is MoS related actually, but the exact image I want isn't readily available yet. God if you really think I watch shit like that...... Whatever.
  11. I'm not really digging the avatar he's currently sporting.
  12. This one wasn't a newborn. Every scary sequence left them shouting mama mama.
  13. This happened to me too and it made me sick. They should be exposed to that loudness or stimulation. Awful.
  14. I was wondering who would be upset by that comment.
  15. Lol but it was full of the superman/kent dual persona.
  16. There's nothing wrong with us. The trailer actually got me all sentimental. I was really looking forward to it. But then the movie just had destruction after destruction and it irritated me that humans were in the path of all this fighting and they had just found out about superman etc. you can bet if there's a sequel people will hate him and that's why he has to keep a low profile. I miss the Lois and Clark days lol.
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