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Found 9 results

  1. Peter Jackson comments on a movie version of The Hobbit. The short story: he doesn't expect the lawyers to work out a deal that'll let the movie be made in less than 4 years. Sounds like lawyers. :roll:
  2. Read here. And here is the original Variety story. I don't know... This doesn't seem like a good idea to me. However, I'm curious who might compose the score. Marc Streitenfeld? Karol
  3. A while ago, when I was reading the new Nemesis news on ST.com, I read where John Logan (the writer for Nem.) was going to pen a script for Spielberg to shoot about the life of Abraham Lincoln. I haven't heard anymore developments on this, but I wondered if anyone else had heard this too?
  4. Hollywood Reporter is - erm - reporting that Mr Kate Winslet is on the verge of signing.... ....Your thoughts, please? Greg
  5. Which, in your opinion, is the most lacklustre entry out of the three most recent franchise prestige damaging movies? I would say AUJ by a considerable margin. Not only is it a shoe-in for the most visually repellent big budget movie of all time, but it also went out of its way to out-bloat the entire LotR EEs and King Kong put together. Never has there been such redundancy in moving pictures and such disrespect for the art of editing. And on top of all that you have a regurgitated and tedious score which makes James Horner look like Morrissey. Edit: I've changed my mind to Battle of the Five Armies after seeing it today.
  6. Hiya gang, With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey now having premiered and people beginning to discuss it on twitter, etc, this is the thread where people can discuss the film and what is and isn't in it without ruining things for those who wish to remain spoiler-free. The existing thread was getting full of people speculating about specific scenes based on movie tie-in books and OST music, etc, with many people leaving the thread to not be spoiled. This is now the thread that that kind of discussion should take place in, while the old thread can be used for posts about buying tickets, and anything officially released like commercials, trailers, interviews, etc. Thanks for playing along!
  7. This summer? Next summer? Who cares, the war for 2012, the last summer before the end of the Mayan Calendar, is on! New Batman movie slated for July 20, 2012, 3 weeks after Star Trek sequel
  8. "John Carter" - 2nd place. Here's the list: 10. One For The Money 9. The Odd Life Of Timothy Green 8. What To Expect When You're Expecting 7. Alex Cross 6. The Lorax 5. This Means War 4. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3. Hyde Park on Hudson 2. John Carter 1. Cloud Atlas http://movieline.com...azine-rebuttal/
  9. Well, with the movie premiering tonight at midnight, its time to start this thread. This is a thread for people who have seen the movie to discuss it with one another. Our Inception Spoilers Allowed Discussion Thread was pretty successful and I'm sure this one will be more so. All discussion about the actual movie once seen should take place here, and not in the spoiler-free Anticipation thread. So if you don't want to be spoiled before you see the movie, but want to continue to discuss commercials, trailers, online reviews, etc, you should stay in that thread until you've seen it. In this thread, the movie can be discussed freely - no need to put spoiler tags in your posts if you don't want to. LAST CHANCE TO EXIT THE THREAD BEFORE POTENTIALLY SEEING A SPOILER!!! .
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