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Found 5 results

  1. I mentioned this over in the Skyfall review thread, but wanted to create a new thread for discussion as the film goes through production. Apparently, Mendes is 75% sure he'll return to direct, and is waiting for the final script to be turned in. Craig, Fiennes, Harris, and Wishaw are all signed on to reprise their respective roles. If Mendes returns, surely we'll get Deakins and Newman again as well. This has suddenly become one of my most anticipated films.
  2. Some (more) sad news today http://bbc.in/2qcQFGS
  3. Hollywood Reporter is - erm - reporting that Mr Kate Winslet is on the verge of signing.... ....Your thoughts, please? Greg
  4. The OST to Skyfall composed by Thomas Newman will be released on Monday October 22nd (International) / Tuesday November 6th (USA) by Sony Classical. More info as soon as I get it. UPDATES: Amazon UK link with Monday October 22nd release date: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0096233ZW/ Amazon US link with Tuesday November 6th release date: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009FBX5M0/ Cover art:
  5. There are rumors on the net that Adele will sing the next James Bond theme song. I would have no problems with this, if that: 1. The song is a full orchestral song, not a crossover top-40 or pop song. One of the best Bond Theme songs was the theme to "The World is Not Enough" except Dave Arnold put too many tracks on the song. I guess Garbage did not want to lose their MTV cred with a theme . 2. The song incorporates themes from the soundtrack. 3. The song is written by an established writter such as Don Black.
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