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Found 13 results

  1. For your interest, here’s a little review of mine, reflecting the gorgeous John Williams & ’The President’s Own’ digital album. https://jarijuhanikallio.wordpress.com/2021/01/13/album-review-band-of-perfection-john-williams-conducts-the-presidents-own/
  2. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Shih-Hung Young, is currently on tour in Scandinavia this month, performing live to projection concerts of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Besides Oslo, where I attended the concert today, their website lists Aalborg, Karlstad, Stockholm, København, and Aarhus as other cities where they will perform. I am not exactly sure of the concert dates and ticket availability for those, however. This was, in fact, my first ever live to projection concert, and so I'll simply write a few brief thoughts on it, which will not be based on
  3. I've just returned from a spectacular concert that was stunning both musically and visually, so I thought I should write a short overview of what was going on there in the Oslo Konserthus. I am pretty sure there are more John Williams fans in Norway, so if you've been to the concert as well, you're very welcome to contribute your thoughts and correct any mistakes that I may have made (I didn't take any notes, and I am writing this from memory, so there is no guarantee that I won't mix up anything ) I try to never miss any performances of John Williams' scores in my area, even if it's some l
  4. Schindler's List Review of the Soundtrack Album by Mikko Ojala This was my first CD (along with The Lost World:Jurassic Park) back in the late 1990's and I have listened to it countless of times but the hushed respectful melodicism and on the other hand the raw emotion distilled by Williams into this singular work still makes my heart ache from the grief inherent in the music but also because of its sheer exquisite beauty. Itzhak Perlman's contribution as the solitary voice in the wilderness is immense as he conjures such sensitivity to his violin solos that range from a
  5. The River Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams A review by Mikko Ojala This is a little gem from 1984 that shares the year with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom but musically is in a wholly different world. Rural Americana performed by small ensemble, given at times a subtle jaunty pop sensibility by a drumkit and peppy rhythms and graced with numerous gorgeous flute and guitar solos the River is a fascinating opus in the middle of the run of the composer's grand symphonic works. Williams's music perhaps with even too generously compliments director Ma
  6. I'll repost my review here at this point and I will be making updates once I have seen the film to make more accurate comments on how the music relates to the story and the drama. Lincoln Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by John Williams A Review By Mikko Ojala The 26th collaboration between Steven Spielberg and John Williams takes them to the turbulent Civil War era of American history, the life and times of Abraham Lincoln. The upcoming motion picture Lincoln focuses on the last four months of the president’
  7. None But the Brave Music Composed by John Williams A Review of the Soundtrack Album by Mikko Ojala None But the Brave is a 1965 film and one of Williams' first real dramas and a war story no less, directed by Frank Sinatra, who himself played a supporting role in the picture. It tells the story of American and Japanese soldiers, stranded on a tiny Pacific island during World War II, who have to form a temporary truce and cooperate to survive various tribulations and is told through the eyes of the American and Japanese unit commanders, who mu
  8. Posted at [MusicBehindTheScreen] is my review of Michael Giacchino's score to John Carter. http://musicbehindthescreen.blogspot.com/2012/03/quick-review-john-carter.html Enjoy!
  9. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Andrew Lockington writes another great adventure score. Highly recommended listening. Read the review here at Music Behind the Screen: http://musicbehindth...mysterious.html
  10. I've been listening to this score all day for the past 2 days. I absolutely love this epic! Here is a review I wrote: http://musicmusekk.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/black-gold-james-horner/ Criticism and commentary are welcomed! Thanks for reading! - KK
  11. Here is my analysis of the soundtrack album that appears on the main page as well and in addition a thematic breakdown with track times. Comments, observations and corrections are as welcome as always: War Horse A review and an analysis of the Original Soundtrack Album By Mikko Ojala (Incanus) The upcoming film War Horse is the 28th collaboration between director Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams. The movie is based on a popular children’s novel by author, poet and playwright Michael Morpurgo and tells of a young English boy Alber
  12. SCORE: - THEME - The Force Theme Credit for the Force Theme Archive i used as the basis for this thread goes to the admin emeritus General Kenobi from the TheForce.net board. Thanks for your work! Of all the themes and melodies John Williams ever composed the Force Theme is among the very best and famous ones. What makes it truly unique is the fact that it single-handedly is the most developed Williams theme ever. No other one has gone through so many permutations, has evoked so many different feelings and is still as listenable as
  13. Memoirs of a Geisha Review of the Soundtrack Album by Mikko Ojala Memoirs of a Geisha is based on the popular bestseller of Arthur Golden which was in 2005 adapted into a motion picture directed by Rob Marshall of the Chicago fame. The movie features a singular, more introspective score by John Williams which differs from most of his blockbuster fare in its restrained style yet plays a significant role in the film itself, where the music is often spotlighted perhaps due to Rob Marshall's background in musicals. The composer mentioned in several interviews that for th
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