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New Intrada: Hush by Christopher Young

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INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 221

An undeniable highlight of TriStar's 1998 film Hush is its romantic/thriller score by Christopher Young. The composer was already considered a master at suspense and had most recently scored several films in this vein immediately before. A lullaby opens the score in music box fashion, featuring gentle harp outline before blossoming into a lush, string-led statement of the theme before transforming into the score's love theme and anchor -- a career highlight for Young. The action moments in the film are scored with an energetic, thrilling theme in which punchy, syncopated notes chase downward spiraling strings. The score is a well-rounded mix of traditional romance, suspense, and action and ranks as one of Young's finest scores for this genre.

For this release, Intrada had access to the digital masters and Christopher Young crafted the order and flow of this album, each track (with titles inspired by words of the central lullaby) advancing roughly in film order to create a dramatic listening experience.

In the film, the trouble begins when Jackson (Johnathon Schaech) brings his beautiful girlfriend Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow) home to the family farm to meet Martha, aka Ma (Jessica Lange). When a late-night intruder attacks Helen, the young couple decides to move in with Martha. Things go smoothly until Helen notices strange little signs -- warnings of Martha’s sugarcoated manipulation. Ignorant of the truth about his father’s death and oblivious to his mother’s derangement, Jackson allows himself to be distanced from his wife—and in his absence Helen discovers the full extent of Martha’s madness.

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 221

Retail Price: $19.99

Available Now

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Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 221

Date: 1998

Tracks: 9

Time = 75:51

World premiere of dynamic Christopher Young score from Jonathan Darby thriller, released by TriStar Pictures, with Jessica Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hal Holbrook. Young creates fascinating soundscape for orchestra & chorus by anchoring with very accessible themes, both in major, minor. Gentle lullaby opening sets tone, warm ideas follow. Then, when music reaches certain point, Young introduces scares, action, excitement. Unusual for soundtrack albums, composer has presented his music in carefully assembled fashion, building lengthy cues with incredible cohesion, musical architecture. Terrific listening experience is result! Cue titles remind listener of lullaby origins. After full hour long score plays, Young offers 15-minute "concert suite" that presents material in different light, plays as powerful suite comprising all major themes, ideas rolled into one. Intrada Special Collection release mastered from digital session elements, courtesy Sony Pictures and produced by the composer. Pete Anthony, David Reynolds conduct. Available while quantities and interest remains!

The Album

01. Hush 18:32

02. Little Baby 4:41

03. Don't 7:56

04. You 3:43

05. Cry 5:39

06. Mama's Gonna 10:36

07. Buy You 4:44

08. A 4:37

Total Album Time: 60:41

The Extra

09. Hush: Concert Suite 15:01

Christopher Young

Price: $19.99

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