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A JW Button for you!


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Hey Everyone, I'm on a role here!

Since I know many of you have your own web pages. I thought you might want to show your support of our #1 Favorite Site!!! JWFAN.NET!

Save this button on your computer. Upload your button and paste the following code where you want the button to appear on your page, TA DA, you have a link to Ricard and Andreas! Now everyone can click to us!!!!!


<a href="http://www.jwfan.net/"><img src="jwbutton.gif" border=0></a>

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Hello Ren,

thanks for your support.

But i think a better way to support the websites over John Williams is a link to: http://www.jw-music.net

All websites into this net..work hosting on the same server on my server :spiny:

Oh and Ren, fix your link. I don't see the banner.

Sorry for my bad english again.

Andreas ( Admin )

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ok, i'll fix the banner for jw-music.net


and i'm not sure why it shows up sometimes and not others.

i'll fix a new button tonight and post it here k?

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well anyway,

here is a new button, the same as the old with a different link.

i'll make a different button in a bit.


i hope THIS one will show up.

<a href="http://www.jw-music.net/"><img src="jwbutton2.gif" border=0></a>

just save that button, upload it on your site and paste the code where you want the button.

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here is one more button.

it doesn't seem like many people are responding so maybe i'm completely wrong about the website thing.

here is my last one.


just use the same code but make it jwbutton3.gif not 2

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Interesting. When I copy & paste the URL into my browser's address bar, everything works. If I click the link, I get Stefan's error message.

Looks like Ren's server is configured to not serve visitors from JWFan. :spiny:

Marian - who suspects Ren is leading a campaign to destroy JWFan.

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no no no!

This is the same server i post other stuff on. i just don't understand and NO i don't want the downfall of JW OR to turn this into a HK forum!!! :spiny: :)

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well anyways

they are there now, i hope people like them. And it would be nice to have anyone with a site to put a button on it so we are all inter-connected.

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Ricard and Andreas,

If you have any ideas for a button that you would like me to make, let me know because I realize that I'm not you guys and can't read your minds.


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I would put them on my site, if I had a decent one. The problem is, my current site is horribly out of date (in fact I can't even access the server anymore, I couldn't put anything on it if I wanted to), and for a new site I currently lack both content and time.

Marian - A Busy Man.

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Well it seems Ren is a budding designer.

Pretty darn good Ren. As a Multimedia designer/ Flash, Shockwave developer I have to say people like you are going to put me out of a job! ;) it's hard to design in such a small constraint What did you use for the Gif? Adobe Image Ready?

Brian99_1 - Who loves to see more people take his profession as a hobby!!!

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