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  1. John Powell's Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    I'm loving the idea that the action sounds Hancocky. It suggests modern but properly orchestral and melodic.
  2. I dunno, reads a bit ambiguous to me.
  3. Theme's fine - it's the music leading up to it which is generic and uninspired.
  4. That just sounded like generic library music. What an unfortunate path this score has taken.
  5. Thing is, most casual fans won't notice (and I barely did) that this is the first physical release under a different rights holder. That's a really subtle detail. To the masses I suspect that this is just another re-release. Hence I think that those wondering why we get these instead of proper expansions are asking a reasonable question.
  6. If saying that over and over again makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside... knock yourself out.
  7. I suppose it's very clear who this release is targeted at. But my question remains: do we really need another one? Reckon they'll be selling them at the RAH concert? I've only been there a few times some years ago so I don't know whether they do that sort of thing.
  8. That's a completely fair assessment - I agree with pretty much everything. I certainly never meant the PR argument to be condescending to those anticipating it. From a purely musical standpoint I'm not complaining for a minute about a new concert piece from Williams.
  9. Yep, that's my stance, beautifully described. And that's why (as I said previously) my stance may appear overly negative, when I'm simply trying to refocus on the fact that this is a Powell score first and foremost. Do I roll my eyes at the 'honorary' inclusion? To some extent yes. My opinion that this was a fan-pleasing PR move to help the film still holds (it got us talking didn't it!) If you've listened to either of the HTTYD scores and still claim you can't remember a theme, you're hopeless. And don't claim (again) that you don't only listen to Williams, because if you deny memorable themes in anyone else's scores then you're clearly not listening to them.
  10. I concur. I'm really interested in this score because I love Powell in this mode. A theme from Williams is nice, but the highlight of the score? I kinda doubt that. I can see what you mean @mrbellamy absolutely. I seem to remember someone saying a while back that because JW was writing a theme, that this score was from that point a 'major project' to keep an eye on. Seriously?
  11. No, but I think JW's involvement is being overhyped.
  12. I think this entire thread is proving an earlier point - having JW write a theme is a perfect PR exercise to help out a movie that's had a very troubled production. Even non-musical sites are talking about a new theme for Han. At least JW's track will make it very clear which theme he wrote, and prevent endless bitching about whether some amazing part of some track is Powell or Williams. Sorry if this comes across as overly negative, but to repeat someone's point from earlier, Powell is absolutely capable of doing this score. He does not need Williams' help.
  13. First time I've properly listened to some of these tracks, and I headed for The Asteroid Field first. Well, the instrumentation itself is definitely clearer than the last recent release on spotify. However, it feels like a large wall is separating me from the orchestra and I'm holding something against my right ear. Wow.
  14. John Powell's Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    *Puts rose-tinted glasses on* Could this be the first ever score where JWFan is actually happy with a non-JW score from a JW franchise, and doesn't constantly wish he had done it? I'm actually more excited about this than I would be if JNH had scored it. Powell is pretty much never dull when he's in fantasy mode.
  15. John Powell's Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    Maybe things have changed since then. But I'd be surprised (in an 'assuming way') if composers of Powell/JNH's stature weren't paid a standalone fee.
  16. I think this is an important point - a replacement composer has to write a score not only in a short timeframe, but probably at virtually no notice. Imagine enjoying a break from composing and the phone rings, offering a new SW score, but you've got 4 weeks to do it and you need to start writing immediately. JW would've received plenty of notice and had time to consider his approach before scoring started. It simply isn't fair to compare the two situations.
  17. John Powell's Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    The leaked budget for The Village revealed JNH was paid $1.3m (standalone fee), so add 15 years and the fact that it's Star Wars, and I wouldn't be surprised if he were looking at $3-4m. Zimmer, who must be the most in demand film composer in the world, must be looking at quite a lot of millions per score.
  18. John Powell's Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    I'm sorry, but can we get away from interviewers saying stuff like 'greatest thematic material ever written for film' and similar over exaggerations when all you're trying to say is that JW is pretty cool, and following him isn't the easiest scoring gig. It's so cringeworthy watching either the composer himself sitting there having a Jack Horner-Spielberg moment, or another composer being reminded that their task was doomed the moment they accepted it because they're following JW.
  19. Indeed. While it's great that we get a new JW concert piece, this is Powell's gig. Given that I have an issue with the sound quality in older scores (and the OT is a major offender), I'm rather looking forward to hearing some old themes and classic moments (such as Asteroid Field) with a newer recording and Powell's orchestration.
  20. MV has to be one of the most communicative business owners I've ever come across. I work with people who would find the detail in his post completely unnecessary because it's exposed the 'inner workings' of the label which customers don't need to know. Very refreshing.
  21. Yeah, Chicken Run is awesome and completely in the spirit of JW. Possibly my favourite JP/HGW score.
  22. The Doctor Who Thread.....

    I had a quick scan through this the day it came out and was pretty disappointed. There is loads of great stuff missing - I love the Ashildir material, and one cue that I can't believe isn't on here is the prep montage with her theme in 'swashbuckling' mode (instead we get some generic action cue). As you said, for a 4 disc set, Gold really hasn't taken the opportunity to fill it up. I'd hate this to be the set that breaks the chain of me buying them - hopefully I can find maybe 20 minutes of good material to justify it. Plus there must be some rights issue with the main theme as it hasn't been on the last two releases. That sucks.
  23. Alan Silvestri's THE AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (2018)

    Kind of wonder why they bother releasing a CD if they're releasing an extended digital version (which I assume will be most of the score) several weeks prior. Goes with my belief that a CD release some time after a digital release is really nothing to celebrate if it doesn't contain any extra music. (yes, I'm also making a slight dig at the hoopla surround Intrada's recent CD premieres)
  24. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Because if they only announce stuff when it's done then you get the Predator (right?) debacle where those not near a computer within 5 mins of the announcement missed out, I'd definitely rather some warnings of big stuff, even if they come back in a few weeks and postpone it