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  1. Singer's sex parties where he targeted underage men is awful. But the fact that he was AWOL on several movies in a row should have been warning to studio execs that he doesn't have his shit together. It's sad that it took until Bohemian Rhapsody and The Atlantic expose to show Singer's instability, both publically and personally.
  2. Singer wasn't in the mix for Dark Phoenix. Kinberg's involvement with the X-Men franchise grew after First Class. He and DP Newton Thomas Sigel would direct scenes for Days of Future Past and Apocalypse when Singer wouldn't come on set. (Singer's tendency to be AWOL on several films mystifies me. Any other director would've been booted and blacklisted for that behavior. Apart from his apparent sex scandals.)
  3. They've been apart for several years... and she's dating women now.
  4. Saw the movie... and Zimmer's score feels both tired and inappropriate. It feels like he phoned it in and no good riffs or motifs that you could latch onto like TASM2 or some of his Nolan work. The female vocals were interestingly utilized, nothing like Gladiator, but it just comes and goes. It's frustrating... and it makes me wary for Wonder Woman 1984. The movie itself wasn't that bad, but Simon Kinberg made a mistake getting Zimmer. If he wanted someone from the MV/RC family, Dominic Lewis, John Powell or Henry Jackman would've done better. I just think Zimmer is getting in a creative rut. He needs more projects and directors to inspire him to up his game.
  5. So apparently both Pattinson and Hoult screentested in a previous Batman costume (they didn't say which one, probably Batfleck's) -- and Pattinson's test clinched him the role. Apparently the smaller films that he did like High Life and Good Time is what drew Reeves to pursue him for the role.
  6. I know Williams alternates between London and Los Angeles for score recording, but has he recorded elsewhere other than special instances like Chicago (Lincoln) and Boston (Saving Private Ryan)? The only other country he's scored a film in was Canada for the choral sessions for Schindler's List.
  7. What also sets Tenet apart is that Lee Smith isn’t editing this either. A new composer and editor will probably be good for him.
  8. You know, you're probably right. Nolan likes to get the composer to write music before or during filming so he can temp track the cut and/or bounce ideas of what he wants, because the music is largely presented intact in the finished film and soundtrack releases. The only one where Nolan was enamored with temp track was The Dark Knight Rises, where it seems like Zimmer only wrote 15-20 minutes of original material and rearranged large chunks of pre-existing score.
  9. Nolan worked with Dody Dorn on Memento and Insomnia...
  10. His latest project has a title: Tenet. https://deadline.com/2019/05/christopher-nolan-tenet-movie-cast-release-date-1202620596/ Interesting that Zimmer isn't working on this, but Ludwig Goransson. That's a big step up.
  11. The Blue Bird This is a terrible film. Fox obviously made it quickly, adding Shirley Temple in the hopes of recapturing the Wizard of Oz magic, but it’s preachy, treacly and the third-to-last scene involving unborn children comes as a real WTF moment. The Technicolor photography looks dazzling and Alfred Newman’s score is pretty, but this is a dud.
  12. Alita: Battle Angel - Tom Holkenborg This... is pretty decent. I don't know if it's because he's utilized different orchestrators (like Conrad Pope) this time around, but there's subtlety and genuine emotion in cues like "With Me" and "What Did You Do?" He still brings out the trademark pounding percussion but he doesn't overdo it. There's genuine orchestral color and... God help me, actual thematic development in this score. Not to say Holkenborg became an amazing composer, but he should keep Pope around.
  13. They are, that's why they got Patty Jenkins, David F. Sandberg and Matt Reeves now.
  14. Pattinson is a tall and skinny guy, they're going to put him on a diet and exercise regime. He doesn't need to be super buff, but at least toned and look like he can take on several bad guys at once.
  15. About Pattinson being cast... I was kinda hostile when I heard the initial rumors about him, but Matt Reeves had to have seen something in him when he did the screen test. And he's co-starring in Christopher Nolan's next movie, so he's not an outlier. Plus the guy has been doing numerous niche indie films during and after he did the Twilight series. His performances in Good Time, The Rover, and High Life were actually good. And the backlash against his casting is EXACTLY the same that Michael Keaton, Heath Ledger, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck got when they were first cast. So I'm actually looking forward to seeing the first trailer.
  16. Silvestri also used part of "Morag" from Tyler Bates' Guardians of the Galaxy into the cue "The Tool of a Thief." (1:34 onward)
  17. Finally saw this in IMAX 3D. The Russos could've trimmed some of the character beats or made the mid-section time heist snappier pacing-wise, but the last 20 minutes make it worthwhile. The CGI work is very good overall, but some near the end look ghastly (I'm talking SyFy movie of the week cheapie). An entertaining culmination of the 20+ Marvel Studios films before that and a nice sendoff for several key players. Would I watch this multiple times in theaters? Nah.
  18. High Life It's bleak and hopeless but stunningly photographed. It's an arthouse horror sci-fi movie, only that the only monsters are us and stripping freedom from others (and not an alien monster or parasite). Juliette Binoche plays against type as the film's villain, while Robert Pattinson is subdued but good. Claire Denis is certainly a rising director to keep an eye on. There's a lot to admire in this film, even if I didn't like it.
  19. He's going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 from the looks of it. Unless Gunn wants to retcon that and write Thor out within the first 10-15 minutes.
  20. I agree that Silvestri actually scored the film, letting moods and thematic elements evolve rather than just musically paint in the spaces. It was refreshing to not only hear his Avengers theme but also his Captain America thematic material. And I appreciated that he and the Russo brothers finally revisited other composers' material like Toprak's Captain Marvel theme and Beck's Ant-Man theme. And reusing his material from The Avengers and Infinity War worked rather well, as a form of closure and finality.
  21. Remake time... Dumbo (2019) - Actually surprised with this film. I didn't care for the original film, but Burton smartly crafts a better framework and expanded story. I don't think some of his decisions work (namely the B-plot that mirrors Disney's buyout of 20th Century Fox), but it engaged me. (Although Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito were wasted here.) The titular elephant was convincingly rendered and adorable. It's one of Disney's live-action remakes that stands on its own without copying the animated film beat by beat. Elfman's score is another Burton staple, but only really soars (pun intended) when Dumbo takes off. Pet Sematary (2019) - It's rushed and Jason Clarke is miscast as the lead character, although Amy Seimetz is wonderful as Rachel Creed. The major changes to the story (especially the ending) doesn't change the tone or themes of King's novel, although the new ending comes off like a typical horror movie rather than something tragic. That said, the directors deserve credit for doing something different and not copying Mary Lambert's movie. Christopher Young's score is yet another Sinister-type soundscape horror score, I was hoping for something like The Uninvited / The Grudge.
  22. The Shadow - Jerry Goldsmith It's undeniably a Goldsmith score through and through, but you can tell the director wanted it in the vein of Danny Elfman's Batman and Dick Tracy, like in the slower brass and woodwind sections. Great theme too.
  23. If the Skywalker score is as focused and energetic as The Force Awakens, it will be a great capper to Williams' work on the films.
  24. I liked the teaser. Definitely a tease for the main trailer next fall -- I expect we'll get a better glimpse of the storyline and the new characters then. Palpatine's return is definitely intriguing. The Rise of Skywalker is cryptic, but I wish Abrams had gone for a singular word to signify the finale's significance. You know, like Avengers: Endgame.
  25. This is a freaking animated movie. You don't have to be PC when casting for animation, you get the right actor with the voice you're looking for (and not what their skin color is). Irons and Jones' banter in the original animated film was one of the highlights, why not keep that for the remake? They brought back Jones and Zimmer, it wouldn't have cost much for them to bring back Irons and have Ejiofor play a new character.
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