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Movie Pass allows you to watch a 2D movie a day at most theaters for $10 a month

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.... with some important catches, including not being able to watch the same movie more than once (unless you pick a different movie and sneak in, I guess) and not being able to buy tickets online in advance. 




The website appears to be down right now.


I may consider getting this just for December (it appears to be month-to-month and you can cancel at any time), with both The Last Jedi and The Papers coming and $10 being, IIRC, less than just one regular ticket. However, the two caveats I listed above are some really big sticking points. 


Also, AMC is threatening to remove the service from its theaters. That won't really affect me, but some of you may want to keep it in mind. 

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14 minutes ago, Hawmy said:

Is there a list of theaters somewhere?


There might be one on the site, but the site's down right now as I said in my post so I don't know. 


However, according to the Variety article, as of now AMC and Regal are included (among others), while ArcLight, for example, is not. 

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Cinemas are desolate places these days. Here in Australia, you purchase your tickets and seats and if you're seeing the film outside of the opening weekend, you'll find the place is a dead zone. I could walk into any screen and watch the film without worrying about taking someone's reserved seat.


I think this is a great idea to get people to come back if all it cost was $10 a month!

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