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Matt S.

PSYCHO Live with Orchestra (Boston Pops, Oct. 29 & 31)

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It was a great show, as expected.  Anyone who's been knows Keith Lockhart and the Pops always do a wonderful job.  If there was a critique to be made, however, I think Boston's Symphony Hall might not have been the best place to put on this show; the warm, resonant acoustics of the Hall didn't seem to match the tone of the music itself.  I noticed it right away with the film's main title sequence.  It could be that I'm just so used to the mix of the original film score, but I missed the drier, edgier sound that really gave it a harsh, choppy quality.  This is not meant as a knock on the orchestra; they did a fantastic job, no question.  And I'm well aware that these live-to-picture concerts are concerts first and films second (with no intention to actually replace or improve upon the original performance), so at the same time it was definitely nice to hear the score in a live, full-bodied sound.  It was just...different, I guess, to hear.  The previous LTP films I've been to (Home Alone, ET, Jaws, and Raiders) weren't quite so noticeable.


Also of interest: in the past live-to-picture concerts, the conductor has a screen in front of him with the film showing, with colored lines scrolling across the screen so he can hit the sync points of the music.  Last night, Lockhart had two screens; one showed the film (without the colored scrolling lines), while the second screen had a large analog clock, like a stopwatch.  He must have been conducting the cues to the written timings, rather than sync points?  Impressive, if that was indeed the case.  (I had floor seats, so I didn't have the best vantage point to see exactly how he was doing it, but I'm guessing that was the case?)

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