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  1. Definitely Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I'm curious as to wheter Doyle will incorporate some of the JW-themes in the new film. Probably not, with the likely exception of Hedwig's Theme. I wonder whether JW gets a credit on the teaser poster or trailer . . . Original Themes (Hedwig's Theme) by John Williams . . .
  2. Same here. BTW, does anyone have the exact schedule of the recording sessions? When do they start?
  3. I bought the Manchurian Candidate soundtrack done by her, I thought it was great for the movie, worth having in my opinion because it includes the original movies soundtrack along with the remake You should check out ONLY YOU on DVD. It's her absolute best, I'm told. I think the soundtrack is out of print, though . . .
  4. Does anyone have anything by Rachel Portman??? I've heard that her score to ONLY YOU and EMMA are two of the best love story scores ever. I haven't even watched those films, but I'm very much curious as to what the only respected FEMALE film composer can produce. LOL
  5. None of those themes were ever used in TPM or AotC, were they? I think (hope) that JW will somehow incorporate them into the score to RotS . . . What other themes do you think will be in RotS??? The Imperial March, obviously, perhaps Anakin's Theme and Across the Stars as well, but other than that . . .
  6. I agree completely. Three is just right. I think 2002 -- as good a year as that was for JW -- was a little bit too much: AotC, Minority Report, CoS, then Catch Me If You Can. On top of that wasn't the 20th anniversary of E.T. in March 2002???
  7. Your paranoism is frightening. P.S. Hey, wait, here's a thought. What if John Williams won't score RotS, now that he's decided to do WotW. Probably James Horner will take over at the last minute and score RotS instead. How about that. LOL
  8. The director of Memoirs Of A Geisha is ROB Marshall, not Frank.
  9. Well, I saw it now and I gotta say I'm really relieved. Although, of course, I WAS kinda expecting it . . .
  10. What more do you want from a director???
  11. Oh yeah, I found it. But unless you hit the slow motion button right before JW comes on, it's more like 7 seconds rather than 15.
  12. According to spielbergfilms.com there's official word that JW will indeed score War of the Worlds!!!
  13. I love all of them, obviously, perhaps Han Solo and the Princess slightly more than the others.
  14. In fact, it's NOT the same recording. For one thing, the sound quality is different, and for another, the 3-second addition halfway through the piece is NOT looped. I've got the written score to that piece and it's been added by JW himself, along with the new ending. Has anyone ever seen a photo or footage of Williams Ross conducting the LSO??? I know I haven't. And chances are, I never will. Yeah, it IS true that William Ross didn't compose a single note for CoS (I've read that somewhere; I think it was in an article written by John Takis), he just probably strung the themes that were written by JW for SS together so that it fit loosely with the storyline of the second installment of HP.
  15. If everybody keeps quiet about this, then how do YOU know, King Mark???
  16. I wonder why. Does anyone know about an interview with either JW or WR regarding the scoring process of CoS??? Except for the brief interview with JW on the CoS DVD, I can't think of anything. I think that if JW did indeed conduct some of the pieces, he wasn't credited just because it would have looked too awkward: Music composed and partly conducted by John Williams Music adapted and partly conducted by William Ross Besides, it's very likely that Ross did indeed most of the conducting, considering JW was busy with CMIYC.
  17. Yes I loved Hans Zimmer's score to Ferngully The Last Rain Forest -Tim Yeah, right, The Lion King was written by Hans Zimmer! I always confuse those two! Dunno why.
  18. Nah, but did you see the trailer to Tim Burton's film? It looks quite good. Roald Tim Burton's the director? Whoa, didn't know that. Well, that changes everything.
  19. Well, I didn't assume that JW was conducting "Moaning Myrtle" in the footage, but that doesn't exactly prove anything, does it? In fact, most of the footage that can be found on any DVD has music tracked onto it. Well, WR probably DID adapt the music from SS for the CoS underscore and he probaby DID conduct the music as heard in the score, but it's harder for me to believe that JW didn't drop in once during the recording sessions.
  20. Is it just me or does anyone else think that JW conducted some of the pieces (especially the concert pieces) from the CoS soundtrack? This theory is based on several thoughts: 1. Harry's Wondrous World. The version performed by the LSO sounds almost EXACTLY like the version on the SS soundtrack, save for the ending, of course, which was rewritten by JW. I just can't believe that two different orchestras (even if some of the players for SS were members of the LSO) with two different conductors can play a piece this much alike. In fact, when I heard HWW at the end of the CoS CD, I assumed that it was the recording from SS. But, of course, it isn't. 2. The unevenness in quality of the soundtrack. I really do believe JW conducted the concert pieces Fawkes the Phoenix, Chamber of Secrets, Dobby the Houseelf, and Harry's Wondrous World (perhaps also The Flying Car). 3. Just because he is JW. I just can't believe that he thrust a stack of orchestral sheet music into William Ross's hands with a casual "Good Luck with that" and didn't show up once for the recording sessions. Remember, at that time he himself hadn't heard an orchestra play a single note of the score, either. Do you really think he said to himself, "Oh well, let's just see what the music sounds like when I get the Chamber of Secrets soundtrack, along with all the others out there." It's more likely that he stuck around at the begining or dropped by sometime in London to give Williams Ross and the orchestra some advice and conduct the concert pieces himself. 4. This may not mean anything, but the footage that can be found on the CoS DVD MAY be in fact from the CoS recording session.
  21. I really, really love the score to LOLITA by Ennio Morricone. The main theme is a really beautiful, haunting, and quiet piece played in part by the piano. I saw the movie on DVD once and was really impressed by it and got the CD. I'm sure the score would have garnered an Oscar nomination, but because of the controversy surrounding it, the movie was never released in the US theaters (or for a short time, anyway). Adrian Lyne, the director, praises the score in the audio-commentary.
  22. You really think JW keeps working with him over and over again, even going so far as to write 2 sequels, just because CC is "a nice guy"? Give him a little more credit, will ya???
  23. I voted for TPM. The documentaries and, especially, the music video show some really great footage of JW conducting!!! I love the way he moves, man!!! LOL Second is AotC, then probably CMIYC. I love this thing he does with his arms . . . kinda twirling his hands to (I guess) spur the orchestra on. You probably all know what I mean.
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