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  1. After the sixth note, you either go down or way up. Cliffs or Indians. Your choice.
  2. Really? Last-minute reversals aren't like you at all.
  3. Last chance, folks. I'm compiling the results, which will be posted this weekend.
  4. My mind is caught in the eddy of the first four notes of the themes from Last of the Mohicans and Cliffhanger. Half the time it spins back out into the stream of LotM, the other half it shoots toward Cliffhanger Creek. Kind of annoying, actually. . . .
  5. Got mine. Agree with you guys on the bewildering choice to put "B the B" and "When Your Lover Has Gone" on both albums (did they really think we were that anxious to listen to two songs that were already on the OST?). Everything else is divine, though. Long overdue release, this.
  6. I'm going to do it later this week (probably Thursday). I think we've had enough time for all this. So why did you complain that we closed the poll too soon last year. . . ?
  7. Not much in Robin Hood that needs significant expansion (which isn't to say I wouldn't grab a copy if that's the one they're doing). I'm pulling hard for Horner on this one.
  8. Oh . . . all right. It's only been up for a year. But then, I'm pretty busy right now, and I don't know if I can get this done before midnight here, so. . . . Whatever the case, Steef needs to submit his votes. He's one of the ones we extended this poll for in the first place. It is a good score, but I don't think the rules allow for voting up a score two times. (I suppose I could combine the two for a score of 7 . . . but then, why not just put it in 4th place?)
  9. Saddened to hear this. Even more ticked that it seems to have been the result of a serious design flaw in the vehicle's transmission. I dunno. The moment when Kirk tells him to put on a red shirt . . . and the his harrowed, silent reaction . . . that might prove to be a strange, even awkward, moment to sit through.
  10. Well, that didn't last long.... Less than 24 hours to log your final votes, people. The final results of the final poll will be posted tomorrow--and I don't want to hear ANY whining from anyone that they didn't have enough time to finish their homework.
  11. Guilt works! Yay! Wow. Interesting first choice. Very good score, but top ten--even first place? Hmm. I'm afraid Fivel's gonna push Zorro off the end of the list (though you probably understood that).
  12. True, that. (Especially the latter bit.) I gotta say, though, that I'm a little worried myself. BB was a big personality around here. Made me smile a lot. Hate to think he might not be around anymore. . . .
  13. So I was thinking to myself that it's been a while since I've been to the boards. Gotta get back again--especially since I put up another Horner poll a good while back. I'm gonna have a boatload of work for myself, catching up the tally for all those votes. Then I come back to find that it's been three months, and . . . nothing. Everyone wanted to do this again, wanted more time to listen to his collection and think on the matter. Not sure what else to do. Guess it shouldn't be too surprising, given that it's been almost a year since I also put up a Goldsmith poll (results never posted), and that got fewer than 20 entries. Maybe I'll hit up the Goldsmith groups on Facebook for some results. . . . The results for the Horner poll will still be posted in 20 days. If anyone voted in the poll last year and doesn't in this one, I'll include those results as well (y'know, so we can honor the man by having more than seven submissions. . . .).
  14. I was thinking the same thing. BB's out for a little more than a week, they call in Tommy Lee Jones and his Marshals to look for him. Uni's gone three months, and it's, "Um . . . who did you say you were again. . . ?"
  15. You knew this was coming. I'm honestly dying to know what he thinks of it, though, particularly in contrast to the prequels.
  16. And I was only able to correct you because . . . I did the same thing myself years ago. No kidding. I could've sworn I remembered "A New Beginning" playing during the long helicopter shot receding from the house where the precogs are reading at the end. I was surprised to find upon a later reviewing that I was mistaken. So I can relate perfectly to your misrecollection. ;-) And I've been completely sold on that film myself for years. It's actually one of my favorite movies of all time, completely engaging and consuming. My only beef is with the slight overuse of the digital grading, which wears on the eyes after a while. But that isn't enough to change my opinion of the story. A near-perfect mystery from a master filmmaker.
  17. I think they will. People may still be reviewing their Horner collection. We'll keep bumping the thread to remind folks as we go.
  18. Interesting. Guess we're all just being redundantly redundant today. Wouldn't you rather trade for them. . . ?
  19. One of Inky's posts was repeated in another thread. I was wondering if there was a glitch.
  20. Makes sense. I think of "A New Beginning" as a development of (rather than an alternative to) "Sean's Theme." The latter has a downward trend in the underlying strings, the melody is more melancholy, the minor key emphasized, the picture of a fragmented and lost relationship, whereas the former is the music of resolution, the picture of a relationship (with Anderton's wife) redeemed and reconciled, complete with another child on the way. Rather than alternates of one another, they work perfectly in conjunction to illustrate an arc of the story's characters. It's wonderful, too, in that it's not simply a note-for-note repeat of the main title (which happens too often, especially in these scores for smaller films). It's reshaping of that theme that approaches the material from the other end of the story, with a slightly quicker tempo and heavier hits--that "release" you referred to, and yet not an overly happy or completely resolved kind of release. Great stuff.
  21. I actually like the stand-alone version of "A New Beginning" better than the concertized version.
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