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  1. LONG TIME lurker. I think I've had an account here since the Attack of the Clone days. It's always been hard for me to engage in a serious discussion here because the knowledge level is so over my head but I love reading what people have to say and contributing whatever I can. Recently, my buddy started a Star Wars website called Makingstarwars.net and asked me to assist with selecting music for the podcast as well as for commercial breaks. I also write articles or point out things I find on the internet that pertain to Star Wars (That's how Kiner's uploading of more Clone Wars music came to b
  2. I was coming here to post that. Just so you guys know, JWFan was instrumental in getting an official answer. I work with the guy who got a response from Giacchino and asked him to get an official answer that I could share with you. Now we can all relax.
  3. For those in Orange County, California, it will be on the big screen near South Coast Plaza on June 27th. http://www.regencymovies.com/main.php?theaterId=17
  4. Correct. Not that long ago, Disney got the animated rights to Spider-Man back. They made some concessions with Sony to get these. That is why you see animated Spider-Man on Disney, crossing over with Tony Stark and the like. Disney owns the animated rights to Fantastic Four and that is why you see the Thing and Reed Richards pop up in the Avengers animated series. They tried to have a small "film" crossover in The Incredible Hulk. They wanted the Hulk to have his college campus fight at the college that Peter Parker went to but Sony said no. There would be no Spider-Man or mention of Peter Par
  5. As far as the movies are concerned, Sony has the movie rights to Spider-Man, Fox has Fantastic Four and that's why you won't see things from the those movies crossing over into the Marvel Studios films.
  6. Since they are still working on the audio for this, you might be right. I'll be there though.
  7. Maybe there's already a topic for this but I really enjoy the Prisoner of Azkaban Suite on The Essential Harry Potter by the City of Prague. Did Williams arrange that? Either way, anyone have a list of Suites he arranged but are only available from other conductors? Also, forgive any mistakes in terminology. Someone feel free to correct me if I have the phrasing wrong.
  8. North America, United States, California, Orange County, Garden Grove.
  9. Didn't really care for it by itself. I haven't seen the movie yet, probably tomorrow, but this was definitely a one and done listening for me.
  10. I probably buy too many movies on Blu-ray but when they get under 10 dollars, it's hard not to buy a decent movie or even a blind buy...Outlander...cough cough.
  11. Really? I found it VERY good but to each his own. I don't think it's anything like nor tries to be The Wire.
  12. The times it's fake pulls me out of it. Once seen...and all that.
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