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  1. Thanks for your response, Greg. Is there anyone else who can help? Just trying to find an answer as these pieces of music are all very interesting to me.
  2. Hello all, Can anyone identify any of the pieces used in this video? There are three distince cues, I think. I'm most interested in the last one (last minute or so; very thematic, so I suspected it was film), but I'd like to know as many as possible. No one I've asked has been able to help. Thanks very much! (And soccer fans, enjoy the clips! Samir Nasri is amazing!)
  3. I'll echo those words. A brilliant but elusive piece! Thanks. Seconded. Errr... Thirded.
  4. He could change his name to J.T.Dub and win an Oscar for a pimp song.
  5. Dolly Parton is boobs on a stick. Despite her laughable, cartoonish appearance, her song deserved to win by a long shot over what you correctly call the "pimp drivel". That was perhaps the worst song I have ever heard and that is not an exaggeration.
  6. Damn. I guess that means I'm out of here... Welcome, veggiemusician!
  7. I prefer my "pigs" live and not too fatty. ~Mr. Asterisk, who just now realized that gkgyver is in fact not a disgusting man but was merely refering to the thread title with a bit of sexual innuendo.
  8. Three issues to address: 1. There will be kids, assuming no enormous differences between Chicago and New York. 2. The program has not been officially announced, but I'd assume they'll post it here. 3. It's spelled "licence".
  9. "This thread has outlived its usefulness." ~ Neil S. Bulk
  10. You don't have a recording of "Carmina Burana"?! Or are you adding another one to the collection you already have?
  11. What happened to Sumner Redstone?
  12. There was "Journey to the Island" from Jurassic Park as well as Hedwig's Theme B, Nimbus 2000 Theme, and Hogwart's Theme from Harry Potter that I can remember from the top of my head.
  13. Neither. I lurve him. Although he'd get excited about a club sandwich whether or not it was better than the last one.
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