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  1. I just seen a commercial of this film and the music is a plagiarism of Harry Potter Hedwig theme ...
  2. May be Star Trek the Motion Picture : with alternates material !!!
  3. Cantina Band !!! Lux Aeternam : Gyorgy Ligeti Music for a scene of shelley : Samuel Barber Elegy for Kossevitsky : Howard Hanson
  4. Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but speaking of SUPERMAN, is anyone curious about the John Williams cues which showed up on THE RICHARD DONNER CUT of SUPERMAN II, and which have never been heard elsewhere before (save for Ken Thorne's orchestrations of those cues in Lester's SUPERMAN II)? In the use of williams score on S2 , there is very short unused music, when after the crash of the young sups space ship, he opens it , when the phantom zone explode, and the big question is : Who have composed the track of the moon encounters when Non crash the shuttle , this piece is located a
  5. I always hope for "the postman rings twice" Michael Small , it will be nice !
  6. I met him backstage of two of his concerts in Boston, I write him a letter translated by a student from New England Conservatory, as my English is so poor , so i had a call for someone at Symphony Hall who pretended that he was to busy to met any one, but as JW saw my letter , she said " Maestro JW would like to meet you after the concert" I was so happy !!! He gave me a sign to keep patient because he salute the guy that have conduceted the BPO for the anthem, then he come to me and thanked me to have come to his concert and ask me if I am a Pariser , I said that I live in south France near t
  7. Actually, there is a similar theme in the final of the 7th symphony of Sibelius ...
  8. the Final from "The fury" beautifully scored for string orchestra, "for mina" Dracula ...
  9. I just find this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc1IRUTFSG8 , enjoy !
  10. Until now I have scored 4 short films and 1 long film some of them exist on Youtube at this link : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=zamochnikoff I wish you like it ...
  11. The Lullaby and Finale are magic. Ever wondered were Williams found inpiration for the final ten minutes of Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Angel and Visitations Rautavaara (naxos recording )
  12. Hanson : Elegy to the memory of S.Kossevitsky Shostakovich: Concerto no.2 for piano and orchestra, mvmt.2 Barber : Music for a scene of Shelley Katchaturian : symphony no 2 , mvmt 3 Katchaturian , Spartacus Adagio Williams : the Fury - the search for robin Hoslt : Neptune the mystic Walton : Violin concerto, Viola conceto, Cello concerto Ligeti : Clocks and clouds , Lontano, Lux Aeterna Kamen : Sax concerto Rautavaraa : Angels and visitations Shostakovitch : Interlude from Lady Machbeth !!!
  13. This, I wish to know ... Dutsch?Sorry : Deutsche Demokratische Republik
  14. I find a link abou E.T. soundtrack the Japanese release 32XD 304 You can read clearly Digitally Recorded , Mixed and Mastered , I never got the american release with the same notations :MCAD 37264 . http://www.soundtrackcollector.com/catalog...hp?movieid=1562
  15. Tss, Tss ... DDR means Dutsch Democratic Republic ...Also, Star Trek was recorded with digital equipment on...79. Yes E.T. soundtrack was digitally recorded but for some reason that escape me, was only release like that in Japan with its fantastic sound , as well as Poltergeist and Outland were Digitally recorded but released on CD as analog recording ...May I ask what is your source of such information?I'm not jerrygollay but let me answer this question in his name.Thank You Alex !!!
  16. Yes E.T. soundtrack was digitally recorded but for some reason that escape me, was only release like that in Japan with its fantastic sound , as well as Poltergeist and Outland were Digitally recorded but released on CD as analog recording ...
  17. Why would the Japanese versions be better, I wonder? What exactlyt is different? Compression? EQ? The sound between American and Japanese LP where differents , I know some mixing focus more on high notes , for The CDs, I give another exemple , when I got E.T. Japanese MCA release it was DDD the dynamic was fantastic , AAD and flat sound in the rest of the world ... Now for the Varese / MCA , I noticed that between , for exemple " attack on the water skier" the track doesnt fade the same way , so, may be , the master isn't similar for both release, I actually use HIFI to listen music , and I
  18. The sound of this CD moving me less than Your animate boobs , but it seems collectors are seeking this title for such a long time ...I am curirous if the japanese MCA Victor release have the same problems , I got the JAWS and Jaws 2 japanese and the sound is superior than the MCA( J 1 ) and Varese ( J 2 )release of the titles !!!
  19. For Years I have the CD recording ,I am surprised that no one pointed that on the track called "To Scarborough " after the brief tutti ,a click can be heard an the stereophonic image become thinner ...
  20. During the quiddich match it isn't AOTC music that is heard, but the music from the first "harry potter" when harry is looking for the flying key, so "Zam the assassin"is the first cousin of this piece ...
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