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  1. Murder By Decree Quite enjoyable and entertaining Holmes-vs-Jack the Ripper film. Being a big fan of Plummer possibly sways it but it's well acted on all parts particularly Plummer and Mason whose chemistry as Holmes and Watson is first rate. Plummer's Holmes has the right amount of compassion as well as action. Certainly has a decent level of humour. Pity there wasn't more Plummer outings as Holmes beyond this and the earlier Silver Blaze.
  2. It had me at Tommy Lee Jones. Definitely looks worth a watch.
  3. Fantastic Voyage. Entertaining enough. Not nearly enough Welch. Couldn't help but notice a strong similarity with Rosenman's last piece (as the crew are brought back to normal size) to his "Home Again" for Star Trek IV. Good music overall though.
  4. It has a sort of oddly somber, tender and foreboding mixture of moods in it. I like it a lot too. That type of pensive mood is quite unique to that track in the score. I have always felt it is a companion piece to the Jaws 2 track Brody Misunderstood. Seems to fit with what's to come. A tense calm before the storm. Love Montage as equally. Getting a copy of Jaws 2 would be neat at some point.
  5. Jaws the Collector's Edition. Becoming more and more fond of "Father & Son"
  6. Sink the Bismarck. A film happening almost towards the end of Kenneth More's golden era. Once again KM is directed by Lewis Gilbert but this time unlike a couple of those other films, he's quietly stoic, a man hurt by the loss of his wife in the Blitz, who has a son in the Fleet Air Arm and himself just out of hospital after losing his ship in Norway. Being based on a CS Forester book it's not strictly accurate in places -such as where a HMS Solent is sunk, only Hood was lost and Lutjens was no fanatical Nazi but it's more accurate than most films since. The model-work of the ships is stunning really for a film of its era, with nice use of backscreen when the Swordfish attack. It's well acted and littered with familiar faces from British cinema such as Geoffrey Keen, Michael Horden and Maurice Denham amongst others, as well as the beautiful Dana Wynter. A nice touch is having Ed Murrow cameo reading news bulletins. Musically the main theme is uplifting as well as stirring, classic war film stuff. The climax of the film is suitably [and of course] brutal as the RN goes in for the kill, battering seven shades of brickdust out of Bismarck. It's one of More's more serious and finer performances to boot.
  7. Taxi Driver. Admittedly I've not heard it properly nor much of Hermann [outside of the films themselves]. Heck I've not even seen the film but what I've read from others and the enthusiasm of some convinced me.
  8. Jeff Goldblum has to be in it. Going mad as he watches the process repeat itself again.
  9. I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was still in diapers.
  10. John Barry's Beyondness of Things. In a way quite beautiful sounding music and classic Barry. Each track seems in its own way to hint at parts of Barry's back catalogue but in a decent way. Meadow of Delight and Sadness sounds of Dances With Wolves, The Fictionist Ipcress File/other spy era music. The final few moments of A Childhood Memory just chimed, clicked in some profound way and similarly, Dance WIth Reality it starts well but kicks up a gear as all sorts are thrown together. Picturing a smoky bar in New York someplace back in the 60s.
  11. Being Abrams, perhaps, Chewie will be killed in the opening scene on the bridge of a ship whilst allowing newborn twins Jacen & Jaina to escape their wounded ship. But seriously, hopefully and probably Chewie's here to stay. Who's playing Yoda's dad? Dick Cheney.
  12. Oh me too. Deffo half of the brands at any rate. --- Watched firstly Ian Hislop's Olden Days, quite typical Hislop fare but then the final episode of W1A. Lord Reith spun in his grave so much my sofa moved.
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