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  1. Thomas Goss of Orchestration Online has just released a rather lovely score review for my "Aliens in Full Score" book. Check it out below:
  2. As I mentioned on various posts around the web and on my YouTube series "The Chain", I've put together a complete playlist for The Iron Giant which uses the OST and playback audio from my notation software for all the cues which are in the book but otherwise not available to listen to. Now you can read the score along with the music without having to contend with the dialogue and FX. Enjoy! (with songs) (score only)
  3. We're now in stock and the first batch of pre-orders have just gone out. Don't miss your chance to own and study this fabulous score! https://www.chrissiddallmusic.com/store/p58/Iron_Giant_In_Full_Score.html
  4. This. However there is scope for an expanded release. If and when one materialises, I'll "defer to that" and take my version down. The original OST does cover most of the flowing material. What's left is either very short, or has breaks for dialogue/action in an almost recitative style.
  5. For anyone interested in the cue list, please see below. Cue# Title OST Track 1M0R INTRO 1 1M1 THE ARRIVAL 1 1M2 HOGARTH ON BIKE 2 1M5/6 MONSTER BRAIN -- 1M7/8 IN THE FOREST 3 1M9 THE GIANT WAKES 4 1M10 HOGARTH IN THE CAR -- 1MX DUCK & COVER 23 (Bonus) 2M1 STING FOR FBI MAN -- 2M2 BACK IN THE WOODS 5 2M3 SHUT OFF SWITCH -- 2M4 “ROCK...TREE” -- 2M4A CAT AND MOUSE 6 2M5 TRAIN WRECK 7 2M6/7 MAGIC REBUILD 8 2M8 HAND UNDER FOOT -- 2M9 “CHEW YOUR FOOD” 9 2M9A AMERIKA 10 2M10 GREAT RIDE 10 3M1 “OH NO, HIDE!” 11 3M3R “DID YOU HEAR THAT?” 12 3M4R “HE CAN STAY” -- 3M6 EATING ART 13 3M8 SPACE CAR 14 4M1R “SOULS DON’T DIE” 15 4M2/3 IN THE BARN/CONTEST OF WILLS 16 4M4 ARMY ARRIVES 17 4M4A ANNIE & DEAN 18 4M5 “I’M SUPERMAN” -- 4M6 BIG GUY EYES 19 5M1R GIANT IS DISCOVERED 20 5M2R TRANSFORMER 21 5M2A KENT STOPPED 21 5M3R GOODBYE 22 5M6R MAGIC END 23 1M0 INTRO (EARLY VERSION) -- 1MX DUCK & COVER (EARLY VERSION) -- 3M3 DEAN & BONGO (UNUSED) -- 3M4 “HE CAN STAY” (EARLY VERSION) -- 4M1 “SOULS DON’T DIE” (EARLY VERSION) -- 4M4A ANNIE & DEAN (EARLY VERSION) -- 4M5 “I’M SUPERMAN” (EARLY VERSION) -- 5M1 GIANT IS DISCOVERED (EARLY VERSION) -- 5M2 TRANSFORMER (EARLY VERSION) -- 5M3 GOODBYE (EARLY VERSION) -- 5M4 BUY THE FARM (UNUSED) -- 5M5 HOGARTH LEAVES (UNUSED) -- 5M6 PUTTIN’ MYSELF TOGETHER (UNUSED) -- "--" means not on the OST You will notice some cues are named differently from the OST (and even from each other in new/old versions). These are taken directly from the cue sheet/manuscript. Also of note is that the OST track named "Hand Under Foot" is called "Chew Your Food" in the manuscript, whilst the manuscript cue with that title is not on the OST (this is the scene where Hogarth is saying Grace at the dinner table). I will be sharing a playlist on my YouTube channel which contains playback of the cues not present on the OST, which will remain active until an expanded OST is released.
  6. "THE IRON GIANT" in Full Score is now available to pre-order. Expected to ship week commencing 19th July 2021. https://www.chrissiddallmusic.com/store/p58/Iron_Giant_In_Full_Score.html **PRE-ORDER** EXPECTED TO SHIP WEEK COMMENCING 19th JULY 2021 The Iron Giant is a much beloved movie that some would call a “cult classic”. Whilst it failed to find a big audience during its theatrical release run in 1999, it was loved by critics and those who saw it. The movie was nominated for, and won multiple awards including nine Annie Awards (the animation equivalent of the Oscars). With recommendations spreading by word-of-mouth The Iron Giant began to find its audience at last and in 2015 received a remastered Blu-Ray “Signature Edition” release. To this day it still has a 96% critics score and 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. The Iron Giant would be Michael Kamen’s first score for an animated movie. Director Brad Bird was aware of his previous work on scores such as Brazil and Die Hard, and was excited by the vision which Michael had for this project. Michael hired the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra to record the score, which was recorded in their concert hall: the Dvořák Hall at the Rudolfinum in Prague, Czech Republic. This helped to give this magical and emotional score a deep richness. Recording engineer Steve McLaughlin placed additional microphones at the back of the concert hall to capture the ambient sound during the recording sessions. That ambient sound was placed in the rear of the surround sound mix so the audience would really experience what it was like to hear the music in that awesome space. 228 pages, 9x12 inches. Paperbound, printed in the U.K. ISMN 9790900247209
  7. It really is (it matches up with the Varese Sarabande Deluxe OST). I used scans of James's manuscript to make it (fully copyright licensed). Next release (going to the printers imminently) is Michael Kamen's "The Iron Giant", then I'm doing "Independence Day". Busy busy!!!
  8. I'm biased. No this is not a shameless plug for my Aliens score book. Yes it's still in stock. ALIENS in Full Score (chrissiddallmusic.com)
  9. I know which one I am! My next releases are Kamen's "The Iron Giant" then Arnold's "Independence Day". I'm going to be a busy boy for a little while!
  10. Hi, sorry for the slow response to the recent posts on this thread. I've had my head down editing and proofreading The Iron Giant, which is coming along very nicely (see below)! You're right about having access to the original manuscript, and also about podium changes. I did try to catch everything but if you have any specifics you want to let me know about, please drop me a PM and I'll review them for any future reprints. With regard to the Engine Room sound in 9m1 it is there, but it's just a low rumble. With regards to shipping prices, both Tim at Omni Music Publishing and myself are well aware of that being a deciding factor for some, though the potential "solutions" aren't really that great either. It's unfortunate that a combination of the book size, paper weight and retail value (for import tax if it is charged where you are) can lead to a high total price. Neither of us add anything to the shipping price, you're paying what it costs and unfortunately that may mean a test of how much you want the book. Both of us have worked hard to find solutions that keep the costs as low as possible. The alternatives of printing or shipping stock overseas and storing/fulfilling "local" orders from these locations would still incur a cost to us that we would have to pass along to you. It might be different if we were selling in the kind of volumes that big online retailers do, that we could absorb that cost, but this is a very niche market and we are essentially "boutique" publishers. Finally, with regards to publishing Star Wars, it'd be a dream, but publishing full scores by John Williams is simply off the table at the moment due to licensing restrictions. That's true of a few specific composers and specific film franchises. Thankfully there are enough other interesting, beautiful and exciting scores out there to keep the like of Tim and I busy for a very long time! Personally, I have The Iron Giant and Independence Day coming over the Spring/Summer, with other titles that I'm not ready to announce yet lined up right through to the end of 2022.
  11. The rumours are true! During our live stream tonight a teaser was indeed dropped! Whilst we're currently tightening the last few nuts and bolts and polishing The Iron Giant to a mirror shine, production on "Book 3" will be following hot on his heels as we attempt to keep to a gruelling schedule and target release date. Whatever happens, we will not go quietly into the night! https://youtu.be/JGVcdQbjAo4
  12. Did you miss out on Omni Music Publishing's "Star Trek in Full Score"? Never fear, Chris Siddall Music Publishing is here sooth your full score blues! Aliens in Full Score is back in stock and available to ship immediately. www.chrissiddallmusic.com/aliens
  13. In case anyone still wants a copy of Aliens and missed the news - restock coming on week commencing 8th March. We're also doing a "deep dive" into the score on live stream this Sunday. And then there's this....
  14. Thanks for your feedback (and I'm going to have to check out that tremolo now - honestly we try to catch everything but with such a complex score it's almost inevitable that something may slip through. Will have to check that one though)! I'm a bit upset to hear you were charged import tax. I shipped all the books on the specific commodity code for printed music, which is flagged as 0% tax, duty free. Regardless of the Brexit situation, nobody should have had any additional charges unless they were unfortunate enough to catch an over-zealous customs agent (which apparently you were). I'll do a bit more research to see if there's anything else I can do to ensure this doesn't happen again but once it leaves my hands, we're in the lap of the gods a bit!
  15. Hi, sorry if you've not seen the numerous updates I've sent to make sure everyone knew what was going on. You may have seen people receiving them this week and yours is on the way. It was shipped on Tuesday 26th Jan. You should have received an email. Please PM me your email address if it has changed from the one on your order. Delivery target is 5-7 days to USA. According to the tracker it is:
  16. Anyone here received theirs yet? I'm seeing that a few have arrived today.
  17. Eagle-eyed customers may spot a change in the shipping cost. Due to a technical error (i.e. the pink squidgy bit in the system: me), I failed to spot that Royal Mail made a change to their world zones and pricing in September, which had a significant impact on shipping prices to the US (doubled). That's now rectified so sorry to anyone who hasn't purchased a copy yet who wonders where the $15 option has gone, and congrats to the lucky "early adopters" who saved themselves $15!!
  18. Actually it was done by eye (using scans of the original sheets for reference, same as Aliens), so would be interested to know where you're hearing errors so I can take another look!
  19. I did actually make a request to see any cue sheets or similar that may show the names of the orchestra members who played on the recording as I wanted to credit them, but nothing could be found. I also asked the LSO archivist but as we have the joy of 2020 messing with "the arts", I haven't had any joy there either yet.
  20. That's a cool spreadsheet, thanks for sharing. I've not seen it before! Are they definitely all intended cue names by James and not sometimes action/hit points (like "alright I'm in")? It's actually really quite common for his cues to be nameless, having seen a number of his scores.
  21. Hey great to see a thread here about this, thanks @BrotherSound! In answer to a few queries here: Alien and Alien 3 are on my to do list "one day". I need something lighter between now and then! Yes it is fully licensed, and I am aware of the headaches. I am waiting on 6 more licenses right now which have been in progress for over a year. I've not given up on them yet since I had one approved after exactly a year and a day. They just take that long to hammer out! Apollo 13 launch was great to work on but may well contain a few bum notes. I was under the 50th anniversary deadline and didn't do a full cross check against the recording. Feel free to point out anything you spot and I'll fix it up! I'm based in the UK, so Europeans may rejoice at slightly reduced shipping charges vs. some of the other full scores that are available. Know though that all we do is pass on the actual costs to ship, and we try really hard to find the best options. Any other questions feel free to ask! Oh I forgot. The cue names in the book are to sync with the recording so it's easier to know what you're following along with. As mentioned, there are none on the original score sheets, only cue numbers.
  22. Not in this specific case, but I am actually exploring something close to this at the moment in terms of audio; both individual parts, and the reverse with a single part removed (so as to serve as a "play along" track). I think I infer correctly that you're talking about them being released in a notation software format. I'm afraid that is extremely unlikely to happen due to the amount of control you would have to manipulate the work. You wouldn't for example expect a book publisher to release a novel in Word format.
  23. Out of interest, would anyone consider "pre-ordering" a score, to help mitigate the upfront cost/risk that one faces from licensing and print costs? Since the licensing fee is closely tied to the volume of the print run (the size of which is entirely publisher's choice), it would also be helpful in gauging the size of said required print run. I've had a copyright application to publish one of James Horner's major scores accepted, and whilst it's almost a certainty that the interest will be strong, the upfront cost is pretty daunting!!
  24. HL have the exclusive publishing rights on JW music so pretty sure they have a manageable arrangement. HL also administrate the licences for 90% of everything ever it seems! Probably not very, but I would only do a very limited run (I can always apply for an extension if necessary). It's a curiosity/obscurity, but it is Star Wars so I would think it would generate some interest on that fact alone. www.chrissiddallmusic.com is my website although it needs a bit of updating. I'm most active on www.facebook.com/chrissiddallmusic and my youtube channel at the moment (please subscribe - I need over 100 subs to change the URL from the default nonsense)!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbNEpAhHB7JyCuzd-QJAcWQ
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