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  1. FRASIER Thursday, 8PM ET/PT on NBC May 13 Special Day: Thursday One-Hour Retrospective followed by Series Finale "Goodnight Seattle" Series Finale finds Frasier and Niles trying their hand as wedding planners -- LAURA LINNEY, JASON BIGGS, ANTHONY LAPAGLIA, ROBBIE COLTRANE, RICHARD E. GRANT, JENNIFER BEALS GUEST-STAR
  2. I was gonna say the "Meet the Press" theme, but it's 30 seconds longer than a minute.
  3. For all of you living in SoCal, John Mauceri and the Hollywood Bowl orchestra will be performing Shore's arrangement for concert this coming September at the Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Bowl Web Site
  4. I know. I've known him since I have memory.
  5. In that case Olympic Fanfare, and Summon the Heroes [drum roll] [Timpani] Boom Tzzz![drum roll] [Timpani] Boom Tzzz! BoomBoom
  6. One thing that I like is that sometimes you might expect a cymbal crash in certain part of the music, but Williams doesn't put a cymbal there, then you think when that part repeats itself is where it will appear, then all of a sudden the cymbal appears in the middle of the phrase instead of that the top or end of the previos one, sort of like an element of surprise there. I think some of this can be exemplified on the opening scene of E.T. where the mothership leaves, also at the end of the movie.
  7. A list of CDs with the same material, basically, from most relevant to least: Spacetaculars (1995) John Williams conducts the Star Wars Trilogy (1999) By Request... (1987) Pops in Space (1980) Out of this World (1983) Kid Stuff (1992) Aisle Seat (1982) The Very Best of the Boston Pops (1991) Wish upon a Star (1996) Pops Stoppers (1995) The Very Best of John Williams and the Boston Pops [4 CD Box Set] (1998) From Sousa to Spielberg
  8. Lucas is going to choose the one merchandise and marketing people tell him to put in it.
  9. Philips has released that music in many ways over the years. This is a CD called A Space Odyssey If you want the music from that release, you can get the following: Spacetaculars (1995) John Williams conducts the Star Wars Trilogy (1999) By Request... (1987) Out of this World (1983)
  10. Now for a little change of pace in this action-packed messageboard. Sometimes you see a movie and makes you think. Sometimes you see a movie that inspires you and motivates you to do something, or change something you don't like from yourself or answer a question you didn't expect to find in that film. I was thinking it would be interesting to discuss some of these kind of lessons that you might have gotten from the movies, and to be on topic we could make it from films scored by John Williams. Well, I don't feel like talking real personal stuff, but this one was very important, I guess, when I saw this movie. Even though I'm not a big fan of the Harry Potter movies, other than a source of more music by John Williams, there's a very interesting scene in the first one of those, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It's the scene concerning the mirror of Erised. Harry Potter's parents were killed, and he was raised by a family that isn't nice towards him. One of his greatest desires is to be with his parents, and in the reflection of that mirror he sees himself with them. Then he takes his friend Ron expecting he sees what he saw, instead his friend sees being a popular guy in school. He concludes it doesn't show the future, on his third visit Harry learns from headmaster Dumbledore. He goes on to say that people have gone mad, and others have wasted their entire lives in front of the glass, and that he must continue with his life. It would be a doom to throw away all your talent and whatever you might accomplish trying to decipher what you see in the reflection. At that point in my life it was a very important message, and I have no doubt many people need to know that. Life has obstacles that you have to overcome. "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live", Dumbledore says, and I knew I had to find a way to get out of all those things that happened to me at the time. If that mirror existed, I'm pretty sure I there would be something reflected that's not here, rather than just my image, but I hope I get to see the reflection just as I am in that mirror of Erised. So, who's next?
  11. Because this is airing at the "doom hour", 7:00 PM/6:00 PM Central, a time slot reserved for family and news programs...and usually an event like this can get trounced on by CBS' "60 Minutes". Yes, I read that. So what? I mean, they could have aired the movie with no extra footage, and people, even owning the DVD would have still watched. And if it's like you say "doom hour" reserved for family, among other stuff, isn't a Harry Potter movie a family film?
  12. Why so muh problem with the "we'll be right back" thing? It's TV, you can watch the DVD if you don't want to hear that.
  13. Those programs are great, I wish I could go. I know I'd enjoy those shows. If you can't enjoy the program, better not to go.
  14. I hope I can attend a Boston Pops concert at Symphony Hall with John Williams conducting, sooner rather than later.
  15. I'll have to go back to ol' reliable cassettes. Hector - Where's my walkman, anyway?
  16. My Batman score CD says it will last a lifetime. Seems it's not exactly true: Yahoo! News
  17. Your stock just went up. Okay, my favorite tracks that are not descriptive themes, instead music for specific scenes: No particular order: * "Out to Sea and the Shark Cage Fugue" from Jaws * "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra" from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade * "The Asteroid Field" from The Empire Strikes Back * "Flying Sequence" from Superman * "Battle of Yavin" from Star Wars * Finale music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind * "Cadillac of the Skies" from Empire of the Sun * "Adventures on Earth" from E.T. * "T-Rex Rescue and Finale" from Jurassic Park * "Remembering Childhood/You Are the Pan" from Hook
  18. I know you may think that Williams is the only one capable of writing such great tracks, but those were in fact written by someone else. One is named Howard Shore, the other is Jerry Goldsmith. Jerry Goldsmith actualy is pretty famous. You could have knocked me over with a feather.
  19. In no particular order: *Theme from Jurassic Park *Theme from Jaws *Theme from Star Wars *Theme from Superman *Love Theme from Superman *"Flying" from E.T. *The Raiders March *Theme from A.I. *"Remembrances" from Schindler's List *"Flight to Neverland" from Hook
  20. For me, the score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a "landmark" in film scoring, the thing that most people don't give it enough credit it's becuase it's association with the commercial Star Trek. Score- I was only talking about PoTA. and TPM is great, and brilliant, and innovative, though there just doesn't happen to be any other films and film music that work like Star Wars. It's not like I said Goldsmith was crap, my ONLY point is that his exposure to the public is almost non-exsistant, especialy when compared to Williams. And I am looking for all the scores Goldsmith fans say are great, I would like to be able to speak with more authority about his scores. Well, I also did not say The Phantom Menace is crap, and I do not share your view that it is an innovative brilliant score. While it has its distinctive "Duel of the Fates", it's just an average score by Williams. He has done better work, including the superior Angela's Ashes from the same year. Further more usually the thing that exposes film music are main themes and songs, and in the case of Jerry, his march for Patton is often played in college football games, his theme for Rudy and other themes are played in sporting events on television more than other composer. Williams' music is almost non existant in these things.
  21. Well, orchestrators are more like copyists from what I've heard they do, usually composers write detailed sketches of the music, but because they have to write down the separate parts, instead of just copying something exactly is why the orchestrator title is used. Again, all what I said is from what I've read or heard. Hector - I heard things, I heard things
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