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  1. Actually I don't get the point to include in the album that particular "Film Version" since the only difference seems to be a tiny edit point. A true Film Version would have been, for instance, including the tracked part of "Rememembering Petticoat lane" and removing the small parts which are not really used in the film. To me is like they are 3 different takes (or at least 2 + 1 edition of being this one the LLL's "Film Version") and the "Film Version" is only there to fill the CD.
  2. I compared the wave forms of the three 'versions' of "Welcome to Jurassic Park" (from the OST and from the LLL album, both versions) using GarageBand. Despite the minor edition in the Film Version which finally I could notice, am I wrong or the 'standard' versions in both albums are also different? Different takes? Anyone also noticed this?
  3. Hahaha!! But then you'll miss a really good analysis! No prejudices, give them an oportunity!
  4. Hi to everybody! I don't if you are aware of this, but I would like to share with you an amazing trilogy of videos of the analysis of the LOTR's OST. The analysis is made by Jaime Altozano in Youtube. The videos are recorded in spanish but english subtitles are available if you wish!! The analysis is really well made going deep into the music details of any theme, melody, etc. The explanations are supported with pentagramsa and movie scenes. He does not only comment what can be found on the Complete Recordings' booklets but it goes beyond and also tries to guess what it may be Howard Shore's interpretation. Each video pretends to cover each of the movies, but as the analysis advances he tries to connect all the music so at the end he is going back and forth between movies in each of the videos. Ok, no more words. Here they are. Enjoy! (1) The Fellowship of the Ring: (2) The Two Towers: (3) The Return of the King:
  5. Interesting! Now I'm looking to the track lengths (if I'm not wrong, from the tracks I have: "The Service Ramp" ~40s; "The Race Begins" ~55s; "Anakin Defeats Sebulba" ~1:50min) and I would say that first two tracks (at least in originally intended) could have been part of 3m11 (which lasts 1:30 min as shown in the cue sheet) instead of 4m2??
  6. What cue number is suposed to be "The Service Ramp"? I know what cue it is (is the one which rappears at the end of the podrace scene and replaces the original music for that scene --Anakin Defeats Sebulba from OST-- which was moved to the end of the movie as you say), but I would like to identify it in the cue list of above! Maybe is it within 3m11 (The Race Begins) or 4m2 (Anakin Deafeats Sebulba)?
  7. About the tracked music in the Pachy scene, the one you say goes between the tracked part from "Visitor..." and "Ludlow's Demise", could be the first part of "In The Trailer"?. I think nobody still in this post has answered to the question. It's true that the percussion is very similar to the end of "Ripples", but still, as you remarked, the brass is not the same. I think the brass is more similar to that in "In The Trailer" (although probably is more high-pitched in the film? Or they tracked and pitched this part into the film.) The thing is that the 'melody' of the percussion still does not fit to me at all (I must say that it is very difficult to listen to it in the film adding other sound effects and dialogue).
  8. Nice work Mr. Breathmask! I'm a true fan of your job restoring the music to the film. Actually I never realised that in the liberation of the Baby T-Rex by Nick (around 4:25 in the video) a bottle of wine and a small pot (the one which can be seen in the picture above) appear in the scene! Which has no sense in the final version of the film haha. Now I know that they belong this cut scene of Ludlow getting drunk.
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