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  1. Yes, I told you. Their left Vienna for NYC on private jet literally 2 hours after the concert. John went back to the hotel and they loaded bags into cars few minutes later. Plane departed something around 16h local time.
  2. He´s flown back to the States literally 2 hours after the concert.
  3. Any of you got soundtrack LPs (preferably Jurassic Park) signed by Mr. Williams that you are willing to sell? I am looking to buy one as a gift to my nephew, a fellow musician and big fan.
  4. How much? Possible to get one? My friend is looking.
  5. I see that for some of Mr. Williams performance, a post-concert VIP reception tickets were sold for a pretty premium price of $500-1000+ per ticket (for Cleveland show they are like $1250 + donation for the orchestra). I wonder if any of you have attended such receptions lately and can tell how do they look like? I have read some stories from Baltimore and Nashivlle that the post-show reception was limited to a short speech after which Mr. Williams has been escorted out from the room - of course that would be a huge disappointment. So I wonder if any more of you can share your VIP experiences? Is it possible to say hello to him, get an autograph or a photo with?
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