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  1. Hello Guys! Just a short question. As I read, we will need an antigen test for the enter to the concert fomr the day of it. Is anybody know a place in Berlin, where we can do it? Or Book a time sheet? And earlier there was a link where was a document what need to fill out but now I cant see nowhere (Name, row, seat, concert date, etc possible to replace a Covid App) Thanks a lot
  2. Hi everyone! What do you think, as it is not seen in the official program, will Mr Williams conduct the Star Wars Main Theme in one of the Encore? I would be a little sad if it will miss out
  3. Hello EVeryone! I'm looking for 1 or 2 ticket. So if somebody cannot going (any day any seats) then I would be very happy to take the ticket. A Childhood dream could be go reality. May the force be with you all!
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