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  1. While, I am disappointed to hear that Williams will not be doing part 1, I think it just confirms what we thought would never happen--that Williams is in semi-retirement or close to full retirmenent. I just hope that some of the memeorable themes from the previous movies will be used. I'll still hold out hope for part 2, although I know those chances are slim. But here's hoping for a 2010 miracle. :-)
  2. I agree, last nights episode was rather predictable. I do think they are working back around to Lilly and Marshall. I do think that we will see the mother, but not realize that is who it is (i.e. she may move out from that apartment, end up leaving town for a while, etc.) I did see Big Bang Theory last night and have to say it was funnier than HIMYM.
  3. Okay, I will give you that Ted's quest to find the kids mother is getting dragged out way to much. But I think that show has grown well past just Ted's quest. I love the whole Barney/Robin subplot, not to mention the slapgiving episodes are hillarious. I want to see more Robin Sparkle, lol. But I do think that both shows have one thing working for them and that is the casts of both shows seem to be play well off of each other and have good chemistry.
  4. Seen a few eposides here and there....It's funny, but not as funny as How I Met Your Mother.
  5. GOOOOOOO PHILLIIES!!!!!!! Life long Phillies Phan here. The parade last week was amazing, it was 25 years in the making!
  6. Here is my top three, although it was hard to rank them. 1. A.I. 2. War of the Worlds 3. H.P. POA
  7. Not so. It's vague in its subject matter since the word "masturbation" never even mentioned, they skirted around the subject. It's all implied, which makes it funny. Drax, I totally agree with you. All I have to say is master of my domain!
  8. Saxbabe, thanks for providing the information about KKY. TBS sister, great!!! I always get excited when I hear someone is a member of KKY OR TBS. ITB!
  9. Just curious are any members of the board also members of Kappa Kappa Psi?
  10. A kind of soup, referenced in The Soup Nazi episode. I'm not much of a soup guy, so I don't know exactly what is in it. But, that too, was a reference to the show. Elaine discovers the Soup Nazi's recipes and puts him out of business. SOUP NAZI: You. You think you can get soup? Please. You're wastingeveryone's time. ELAINE: I don't want soup. I can make my own soup. " 5 cups chopped Porcinemushrooms, half a cup of olive oil, 3 pounds celery." SOUP NAZI: That is my recipe for wild mushroom. ELAINE: Yeah, that's right. I got 'em all. Cold cucumber, corn and crab chowder, mulligatawny. SOUP NAZ
  11. Seinfeld is one of my all time favorites. I love every season of the show. What makes it great is that it just involves every day things that come up. Plus, I think everyone knows someone who acts like one of the characters on the show. In terms of the last show, it was good for what it was worth. There was just so much hype leading up to it, I doubt it would it would have every been as great as everyone wanted it to be.
  12. There is some two dvd set called (I believe), Great Composers Volume 1: John Williams that you should check out. It is packed with interviews with Williams and clips from thing such as the Kennedy Center Honors. I believe it was out a few years ago. I found a copy on Ebay.
  13. Well, there is not much that I can add to the reports above. They were very well written and give a great snap shot of the concert. As I previously mentioned, I sat in the front row. It was an amazing experience for this being the third time I have seen JW live. Once in Boston and another time in Philadelphia for a benefit concert with select members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. I have to say the highlight of the evening for me was the techniques in film scoring. I had previously done some research into the film scoring process so it was wonderful to see how it is done live and have it
  14. The concert was indeed amazing!!!! I was very happy that I was able to score seats in the front row!!! I shall post pictures here as well soon (as soon as I get them from my friend). I saw that they were video recording the concert so hopefully, it will be available for us to purchase sometime in the future. Once, I have a chance, I will also post my thoughts about the concert.
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