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  1. Mine went from San Francisco International to Jamaica, NY and departed via JFK International, NY yesterday.
  2. Strange as it is, I just read about one of the child voice actors yesterday, who was sadly a homicide victim at age 10. The girl voiced Ducky (Yep Yep Yep)
  3. Yes. Yavar would know the full details on that!
  4. Thanks! * I was just trying to fix it. You know how strange this gets when you have an old mobile.
  5. Intrada's Roger Figelson did indicate recently that they were in touch with Disney over the rights for Horner's Willow (which is stuck in arppovals etc) but in another related issue he pointed that Disney was still trying to figure out with the Lucasfilm heriatge and what they could do (infering to the Young Indy series music) so I assume if Disney is getting to start work on this new Willow series it just might pave way to get them to do the Horner project first!
  6. If I were to choose ONE soundtrack above all. It would be this. Period.
  7. Mike Matessino drew some interesting parallels to 9/11 and the current Pandemic situation in the podcast interview that Maurizio conducted. I always noticed how Anti Spielbergian film this was in terms of the directors own usual approach to the subject matter and being as subtle as possible without empowering us with those cliched film making techniques which we were so aware of. Over the years I have been drawn into this score because it's a very subtle and restrained effort from Williams in the thematic sense and it's all merely incidental music. I think both the director and Composer chose
  8. I just wish Spielberg would do another Sci fi based film with Willlams. I know Iam just being nostalgic but both need to return to this genre again.
  9. Some pics from the WAR OF THE WORLDS set at Universal, which I visited in 2010
  10. My copy has shipped along with Casper and The Great Train Robbery
  11. Just finished the series. Nice subtle music but that's it.
  12. AI.3CD had a fantastic quality upgrade which even left my DTS HD DVD-A behind. I think the WOTW recording has a wet sound. So, many of the dissonance and lower register instrruments were blended into each other. So this new edition appears to have more clarity (as far as I can tell from the samples)
  13. And compared to the OST issue this edition 'sounds' superior and more clearer?
  14. One thing that has always bothered me in these sci fi alien invasion films is that the technology the aliens represent is so advanced and angular physically; yet the bloody the aliens themselves are so physically handicapped limited to the imagination of their creators that just boggles the mind. Just a few cents here while trying not to suspend the illusion. Although I'd admit in this film at least the tripod and the aliens themselves have a certain resemblance.
  15. Well international mail has resumed across US and UK.
  16. Yes, but I don't have that luxury since it costs so much more for International mail, I prefer to have at least 3 titles per order. Also it takes more than 2 weeks to reach me. So I thought I'd wait a little more. Casper is still in stock at LLL so Iam hoping Jeff has already ordered more copies. They had it in stock a day before WAR OF THE WORLDS got listed.
  17. Since CASPER is out of stock my order didn't ship. Ugh.
  18. I asked about Tripord Siren sfx at FSM and Mike Matessino just responded : Just wanted to know if the Tripod trumpet like blast effect was created by John Williams in pre production? If so it would be nice to have that as an added Easter Egg on this set! MM:It wasn't musically created actually. I did think about having it but there was no clean element for it, and the mood at the time the project was getting finalized was not one in which it felt like a good idea to scare listeners out of their wits with this siren of doom.
  19. Ordered! (From the samples) Sound quaity is greatly improved and clear! Thanks Intrada and Team. Im sure, another astrounding job by Mike Matessino. I suppose sound is transfered in high resolution. The Opening/ Prologe and Epilogue (sans dialogue) are already my favourite cues!
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