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The Galaxy Britain Built: The British Force Behind Star Wars

Omen II

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Did anyone else watch the new documentary The Galaxy Britain Built: The British Force Behind Star Wars about the making of Star Wars on BBC Four this evening?  It was wonderful, not least because it included extensive discussion of the music by John Williams.  As well as showing several sections of the famous 1980 BBC documentary of John Williams working on the score to The Empire Strikes Back, it also included recent interviews with bassoonist Robert Bourton and trombonist Denis Wick who played in the LSO on the original soundtrack.  Both spoke very highly of John Williams and gave their recollections of recording the score in Denham, Lionel Newman getting the orchestra in line and much more.




If you have the chance to watch it on the BBC iPlayer, I highly recommend it.  A must for any Williams fans!

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Yes, the programme screened lasted an hour and a half (without ad breaks) so the YouTube video must be heavily edited.  I would recommend watching the whole thing on BBC iPlayer if you have the means and wherewithal to do so.


I should add that there was another excellent documentary screened straight after the Star Wars one, again featuring John Williams and his music very heavily.  Score: Cinema's Greatest Soundtracks included interviews with a who's who of film composers including David Newman, Marco Beltrami, Quincy Jones, Howard Shore, Mark Mothersbaugh, Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, Tom Holkenborg, Christopher Young and many more, as well as several archive interview clips with John Williams and Steven Spielberg.  Again, throughly recommended if you can watch it:




All of the composers - including Hans Zimmer - spoke gushingly of John Williams and his influence on their own music and careers.

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