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  1. Neely makes sense given that he is the through-line from Band of Brothers (orchestrator to Kamen) and The Pacific (composer). Be interesting to see if there is a co-composer, another big-name composer or a main title composer joinging him for this one.
  2. Exactly the same thing is happening to mine! Stuck at LA 90051 since the 8th. Thanks for giving me the peace of mind that I'm not the only one!
  3. Edith Bowman just interviewed Shore for the latest episode of her podcast. They mainly discuss his recent score for Cronenberg's 'Crimes of the Future' and some other films from throughout his career. At the end Bowman brings up 'Rings of Power' and Shore responds with "Well, I think that's been covered very well in the press, so I don't really need to comment too much." Read into that what you will. Bowman asks at 42:23 in the episode.
  4. Couldn't say no at that price! Currently £35.12 on Amazon.co.uk https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09DDWK2JM
  5. Well, the quote in the book is: You've taken a fair bit of artistic licence with your version of the above!
  6. Where did you get this information from? Could it not be a tongue in cheek comment? Would be a bit strange considering the recent deep dive by Brad Bird et al. into Kamen's work on the score. From this event it sounded like a typical score working with his orchestrators (Elhai & Neely).
  7. Didn't say it did. Weird that that's what you took from what I said. Oh well.
  8. Still great after all these years. Signed CDs available from LLL this Tuesday. Unsigned CDs on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Say-All-Battlestar-Galactica-Live/dp/B0941B4Y82 For anyone who didn't see the live shows or catch it on youtube, these versions are certainly quite different at times and may take some getting used to. On the other hand that means getting to dig in to some 'new' BSG for the first time!
  9. Just started listening. Big Elfman vibes!
  10. Nice! This actually had two CD releases scheduled for release back in 2018 before its distribution fell apart, one for the score and one for the songs (with two Bear tracks), so hopefully that score release will be forthcoming. https://www.filmmusicsite.com/en/soundtracks.cgi?id=66510 https://www.filmmusicsite.com/en/soundtracks.cgi?id=66475 This is one of the best cover images for a score CD in history!
  11. I see in your list, some titles from 'Rest Stop: Don't Look Back' which was Warner distributed. 'All That Remains' and 'Trapped' are also from the first 'Rest Stop'.
  12. It's so close I can almost taste it. To think that this next time last week I wasn't going (had hoped that London might reappear) and now I am going to experience a weekend of John Williams live in person for the first time. Wow. My bank balance may have taken an unexpected hit, but in the end I couldn't let the maestro pay a visit to Europe and not be there.
  13. JWMike


    Count me in. Last minute decision to attend but thankfully I've managed to get tickets and I'm all booked up.
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