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  1. Conditions for concert visit in Corona times https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/hygiene-rules/
  2. Berliner Philharmoniker playing music of John Williams at Waldb├╝hne on June 28, 2015: To my knowledge it was the single one recorded film music concert performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker. It was released on DVD and BluRay.
  3. Info from Roger Feigelson from January 2021: Well nothing is predictable, but we're hoping for more stuff by DeVol, Kamen, Goldsmith, Elfman, Williams, Goldsmith, Bernstein, Folk, Goldsmith, Poledouris, Zimmer. But who knows...things change rapidly! DeVol, Kamen and Goldsmith are already out, so the next one is Elfman and then ...(probably at the beginning of June) ... Willliams!!!
  4. I have the programme of 1998 concerts scanned:
  5. If the new version includes OST with improved sound and has another benefits as better cover, thick booklet full of information,..etc., (see 1941, Dracula, Earthquake, E.T., The Fury, Home Alone, Jaws, Jaws 2, The River, Rosewood, Superman, War of the Worlds, etc.), so there is no logical reason to keep the previous version. I will probably never listen to it again. It will collect dust and take up space only. So why to keep it when I can pass it on somebody who will be glad about it. Sometimes I use these old OST versions as prizes in my film music contests.
  6. Yes, you're right. I have tried to synchronize it and it fits and sounds wonderfully. Thanks for a good idea!
  7. And it is not enough! DG is releasing also Blu-Ray only edition. https://www.amazon.de/John-Williams-Live-in-Vienna-Blu-ray/dp/B08NVDLLX1
  8. I'm preparing my lecture about John Williams' scores for sci-fi films where I'm going to use some film scenes with music only.
  9. Yes this is exactly what I need to know and where are the edit points because the End Title part is not only sped up but also edited.
  10. Yes, I did. But I still don't know how to alter "Prelude and Main Title (Film Version)" (track 17 on Disc 2) to fit it to the film scene. Unfortunatelly I don't know how to do the upward pitch shift and subsequent small edits exactly the same as it is done in the film.
  11. I have tried to match "Prelude and Main Title (Film Version)" (track 17 on Disc 2) with the actual Main Title scene from the film and it doesn't fit! It seems the music track from LLL 3CD set is much longer and slower than the actual music in the film. Can anybody help me how to synchronize it? Thanks a lot in advance.
  12. When the new mastering is done by Mike Matessino it always sounds better.
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