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  1. So the concert is cut to separate videos for individual pieces, isn't it?
  2. Yes, I feel the same. Berlin's videorecording is more dynamic, more active and more changing. The pictures of playing musicians are more vivid and interesting. IMHO one of the worst and irritating camera angles in Vienna is the one on Anne-Sophie Mutter's back when she is playing violin solos. I want to see the soloist's face and not her (his) back with confused faces of some people in the audience in the background. BTW for my taste the people in the audience are too much visible in Vienna videorecording. Sorry, guys.
  3. Some info about the longest standing ovations: The Longest Applause Ever 6 Longest Standing Ovations Ever: Remarkable Moments
  4. Never heard of these high frequencies issues before. How can I find out which version I have?
  5. For me Berlin concert was better for many reasons: better program, better John Williams' speeches, better performance, better direction of the videorecording and better (and much more stable) on-line ticket-selling system.
  6. Fortunately, DG has nothing to do with these concerts. Almost all DVDs & Blu-Rays of BPO concerts have been released by EuroArts
  7. 2019: Monsignor (1982) [limited] SOLD OUT 2020: The River (1984) [limited] Less than 150 copies remaining!!
  8. I came across a documentary simply called MUSIC. Director Andrew Zuckerman has interviewed eminent musicians, composers, and producers from various musical genre. One of many interviewees in this documentary is our John Williams. Fittingly he has also the last words in the end of it. Besides John Williams you can see and hear Danny Elfman, Philip Glass, Burt Bacharach, Herbie Hancock, ... and several musicians from rock, pop, hip-hop, classical, country, jazz,...etc. https://andrewzuckerman.com/music/
  9. You are lucky, guys. I'm really interested in the videorecording. Is the quality of the video better than those clips on YouTube?
  10. Does anybody have the videorecording of this 1993 concert called A Salute to John Williams? http://www.jw-collection.de/films/jw_tribute.htm It seems that only salutes are available on YouTube: I hope the complete concert videorecording will be available someday in the best possible quality just like John Williams' inaugural Boston Pops 1980 concert
  11. CD Stanley & Iris (1990) / Pete N Tillie (1972) is sold out!
  12. Conditions for concert visit in Corona times https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/hygiene-rules/
  13. Berliner Philharmoniker playing music of John Williams at Waldbühne on June 28, 2015: To my knowledge it was the single one recorded film music concert performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker. It was released on DVD and BluRay.
  14. Info from Roger Feigelson from January 2021: Well nothing is predictable, but we're hoping for more stuff by DeVol, Kamen, Goldsmith, Elfman, Williams, Goldsmith, Bernstein, Folk, Goldsmith, Poledouris, Zimmer. But who knows...things change rapidly! DeVol, Kamen and Goldsmith are already out, so the next one is Elfman and then ...(probably at the beginning of June) ... Willliams!!!
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