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  1. Another episode with our Johnny Williams playing piano
  2. I have found another videorecordings of John Williams' concert work performances: Conversations (2013) Mvt. I. Phinaes and Mumbette (Simone Pedroni, piano) Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1994) Tivoli Copenhagen Phil conducted by Lawrence Foster (Toke Møldrup, cello) (2016) Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra (1985) WDR Sinfonieorchester conducted by Michael Sanderling (Hans Nickel, tuba) (2014)
  3. Thanks for sharing, Jay! There are some John Williams' concert works (or movements of them) played by original soloists (but not conducted by John Williams): Markings for Solo Violin, String Orchestra and Harp (2015) Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin Staatskapelle Berlin conducted by Manfred Honeck Conversations (2013) Gloria Cheng, piano Mvt. III. Chet and Miles (world premiere) On Willows and Birches (Concerto for Harp and Orchestra) (2009) Ann Hobson Pilot, harp Kindred Spirits Orchestra conducted by Kristian Alexander Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1994) Yo-Yo Ma, cello National Symphony Orchestra conducted by ??? (anybody knows???) Mvt. II. Blues Mvt. IV. Song
  4. Unfortunately no, there is almost 9-minute excerpt only. Here is the complete version conducted by Gustavo Dudamel:
  5. I'm looking for any available official videorecording of John Williams' concert work performances (ideally conducted by John Williams himself). The following John Williams' concert works are available on Blu-Ray or DVD: Olympic Fanfare and Theme (1984) Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by Gustavo Dudamel on DVD/Blu-Ray A John Williams Celebration (2015) Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by John Williams on 2Blu-Ray John Williams: The Berlin Concert (2022) Elegy for Cello and Orchestra (2002) Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by John Williams (Bruno Delepelaire, cello) on 2Blu-Ray John Williams: The Berlin Concert (2022) Soundings (2003) Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by John Williams on promo DVD The Los Angeles Philharmonic Inaugurates Walt Disney Concert Hall (2003) Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by Gustavo Dudamel on DVD/Blu-Ray A John Williams Celebration (2015) Highwood's Ghost, An Encounter for Cello, Harp and Orchestra (2018) Boston Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Williams (Yo-Yo Ma, cello & Jessica Zhou, harp) on DVD/Blu-Ray Bernstein at 100: The Centennial Celebration at Tanglewood (2018) Violin Concerto No. 2 (2021) Boston Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Williams (Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin) on Blu-Ray Violin Concerto No. 2 and Selected Film Themes (August 19, 2022) BTW there are also some official videorecordings on official YouTube profiles of the performers: Rounds (2012) Live performance by Pablo Sáinz Villegas at The Royal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (2016) (Source: Pablo Sáinz-Villegas, Spanish Guitar YouTube channel) Fanfare "For the President's Own" (2013) Recording sessions with United States Marine Band conducted by John Williams (2013) (Source: United States Marine Band YouTube channel) Are there any other official videorecordings of John Williams' concert works available?
  6. So how come some titles can exceed this 5000 unit maximum? https://lalalandrecords.com/star-trek-the-motion-picture-2-cd-set/ https://lalalandrecords.com/star-trek-ii-the-wrath-of-khan-limited-edition-2-cd-set/
  7. According to some online shops there will be another release on March 18th 2022 - Standard Version 2Blu-Ray! See these italian shops: https://www.universalmusic.it/musica-classica/album/the-berlin-concert_34914390967/ https://www.dvd-store.it/Video/Blu-Ray/ID-76318/John-Williams-Live-In-Berlin-Blu-Ray-Disc-CD ... this japanese shop: https://joshinweb.jp/dp/0028948617142.html ... and several shops in the Czech Republic: http://tony.cz/index.php/eshop/john-williams-berliner-philharmoniker-berlin-concert-2brd.html https://www.musicrecords.cz/catalogue/hudba/williams-john/berlin-concert-2blu-ray/ https://www.bontonland.cz/john-williams-the-berlin-concert-2/
  8. Fortunately it is still available at their international shop: https://intl.varesesarabande.com/products/dracula-the-deluxe-edition
  9. Sold Out! https://www.varesesarabande.com/products/dracula-the-deluxe-edition
  10. I hope so. EuroArts have released more than a hundred DVDs & Blu-Rays with BPO concerts. https://www.euroarts.com/labels?keys=Berliner Philharmoniker So why not this one?!
  11. I hope they will release the concert on Blu-Ray or DVD just as they have released BPO's Waldbühne 2015 film music concert. https://www.euroarts.com/labels/6090-waldbuhne-2015-lights-camera-action
  12. So the concert is cut to separate videos for individual pieces, isn't it?
  13. Yes, I feel the same. Berlin's videorecording is more dynamic, more active and more changing. The pictures of playing musicians are more vivid and interesting. IMHO one of the worst and irritating camera angles in Vienna is the one on Anne-Sophie Mutter's back when she is playing violin solos. I want to see the soloist's face and not her (his) back with confused faces of some people in the audience in the background. BTW for my taste the people in the audience are too much visible in Vienna videorecording. Sorry, guys.
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