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The Gareth Coker Thread

Knight of Ren

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I was recently re-visiting the score for Ori and the Will of the Wisps and I realized again how a great score it is! It takes everything that made the first one great and improves it with some really memorable secondary themes. Recently, the main theme from Wayfinder caught my ear, and I've also been listening quite a lot to The Mageseeker score, and what all these have in common is that the man behind the scores i Gareth Coker, so I though I might start a thread to discuss his works.


What are your favorite scores by him? I would definitely recommend both Ori scores if you want to hear the composer at the top of his game, but I also recommend the score for The Mageseeker from this year. I'll leave below some sample pieces from the mentioned scores as a showcase of his range and versatility!


This is a small suite of the main theme from the first Ori game, which also appears in the second game:


The most prominent new theme from the second Ori game is Ku's theme, and my favorite statement is in this track:


The Mageseeker has some great themes and epic action cues, and my favorite is probably this one with Wisteria and Sylas' themes fighting each other:


But I also really like the use of vocals in many places, like with Morgana's ethereal and mystic theme:


And I also really liked the main theme from a new videogame called Wayfinder:


And this is just a small example of his abilities. I also really like his scores for The Ruined King a lot:

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I like his music.


I've listened to both Ori scores, The Mageseeker and the first Immortals Fenyx Rising albums once. But I never returned to them.


I find those 3 hour game scores a chore to get through, doesn't matter how good they are. I really like all of them, but those long albums just never made me revisit them again.


If someone has or is able to make a playlist of the best of the Ori scores, The Mageseeker and that first Immortals game, that would be great

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I played the first Ori game, and the score makes a huge impression in it!  The game wouldn't have been as good as it is with a lesser score, that's for sure.


I haven't listened to the score outside of the game, but it's on my list!

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ARK: The Animated Series was just released, and the first volume of the soundtarck containing, I think, all music from the first 6 episodes is here!

Apparently, the composer was allowed to rework several sections from the game, as well as his memorable main theme, alongside at least 7 new identities for different characters. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but I'm planning on watching the show and listening to the soundtrack as soon as I can!


What I've heard so far sounds awesome and I particularly love Helena's theme. I think anyone who's a fan of the composer will enjoy this. They also posted a small behind the scenes video where the composer talks about the scoring process:


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