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Score competition #3 The Patriot vs. Independence Day

Wich score (not film) is better?  

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    • Independence Day
    • The Patriot

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I know i'ts a little unfair, since only one of the scors is Williams, but I think Independence day has the best Arnold score. And both films are by the same director.

After Jaws (26) wins over Jurassic Park (21), and AI (25) beats very narrow HP (24), this is the third score competition.

Curious on the result.

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Talk about a lose-lose situation! Couldn't you muster up any better candidates? This is too eerily like a real election, for my tastes.

Figo, reluctantly casting his vote for the lesser of two evils (i.e., The Patriot).

But then I guess it's up to the Supreme Court to decide. :roll:

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Both films are in away good, and in another way only ridiculous, but I asked about the score, not the film!!!!

So please do not dicuss the movies but the music!

IMO the music is in both films better then the films.

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